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TPMS system in EMTECH semi-trailer

Nearly 2 years ago we started cooperation with EMTECH company - Polish manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and specialized equipment. This cooperation resulted in the next installation of the tire pressure and temperature monitoring system (CPC) in the semi-trailer tailored to the needs of a specific client. We want to thank EMTECH for its trust in...

TPMS system for public transport buses

Concurrently with Transexpo in Kielce, it was held also the International Rubber and Tire Expo RTE. It was accompanied by the second edition of Tire Forum, during which we had a pleasure to deliver two lectures on tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems dedicated to buses. We would like to thank the organizer – tire...

ContiPressureCheck in transshipment equipment

We can say that there is no limit to the use our pressure and temperature monitoring system - ContiPressureCheck. This solution is applicable in ever new group of vehicles or machines and successfully protects the tires, whose value often exceeds several thousands or even tens of thousands of Polish zlotys.

Lately, TPMS system has...

Hot Master Truck

For some years now, traditionally in July we have taken part in the annual International Tuning Truck Show - „Master Truck". Every year several hundred vehicles and their owners arrive for the whole weekend at Delta autodrome in Nowa Wieś near Opole.

The event is organized by TV Studio BRAVO – a producer of...