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The 3rd OSPTN Conference in Oltarzew

At the invitation of the Polish Nationwide Association of Oversize Load Carriers (Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Przewoźników Transportu Nienormatywnego) our company, as an official member and one of the partners, participated in the third Conference.The Conference, which took part in Ołtarzew was accompanied by General Meeting of OSPTN. This year’s session gathered over 120 participants from all...

Information for drivers in the oversized transport

A full set of information collected by the sensors and sent by created for this purpose platforms, is visualized on the multifunction color display, MVF Continental. The display without any restrictions allows for constant supervision over all trolleys and wheels located on them.

The driver constantly receives information about pressure and temperature in all...

The opinion of the owner of PANAS Transport

"One of the problems we had struggled with from the beginning of our business activity were exploding tyres and costs resulting from that. I had constantly incurred the costs and they were usually substantial. "

"The number of complications caused by one overheated tyre that finally exploded was disproportionate to the event itself: delayed delivery,...

multiTPMS an investment for oversized transportation

No more problems with tyres in oversized transportation. Costs related to oversize transport include frequent exchanges of wheels and in consequence unnecessary stops and delays in cargo delivery. These exchanges result from small tyre diameters, which can’t handle sharp turns and heavy loads.

These costs can be reduced by the precise and comprehensive monitoring...