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Meeting of BSK members in Darmstadt, multiTPMS

This September, our company became a member of the federal association, German Association for Shipment of Heavy Goods and Crane Work (BSK), gathering carriers on the German-speaking markets, in Europe. After just one month, we participated on seconded member rights in the annual members’meeting, which took place in Darmstadt in the German Hesse.

The 3rd OSPTN Conference in Oltarzew

At the invitation of the Polish Nationwide Association of Oversize Load Carriers (Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Przewoźników Transportu Nienormatywnego) our company, as an official member and one of the partners, participated in the third Conference.The Conference, which took part in Ołtarzew was accompanied by General Meeting of OSPTN. This year’s session gathered over 120 participants from all...

With multiTPMS system on a visit to producers of semi-trailers

At this year's trade fair in Munich we not only visited our German partners. We arrived at Bauma to promote our innovative project related to tyre pressure and temperature control in oversize transport - multiTPMS. This project is a part of a bigger system for oversize transport, which supports drivers in their everyday work. Bauma...

Aims and implementation of multiTPMS system

Oversize transport, although this can be surprising taking into account the weight and dimensions of transported goods, is carried out on tyres having a diameter of 205cm. And it is the size of tyres that may cause failures - tyres can’t handle sharp turns and heavy loads. The vehicles used in oversize transport, due to...