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BANKE-DRABPOL – joint project!

A few months ago, a Danish manufacturer of garbage trucks, Banke Electromotive company in cooperation with Drabpol started work on it's first electric vehicle. From the very beginning, our involvement in this project was connected with vehicle electronics, solutions in the field of integration and design of FAPSafety+ (driver's workplace), and vehicle telematics (MiX...

We Train on an International Scale

In our headquarters in Mykanów we organized a few-day training for the employees of Faculty of Electrical Engineering at University of Belgrade. Training participants got familiar with the architecture of KIBES system, which is based on CBCU, and the possibilities of visualizing all information on the MVP display.

At the moment our

Solarisposium and the jubilee

For 14 years Solaris company has organized cyclic technical-workshop conferences known as Solarisposium. This special event is dedicated to users of Solaris vehicles and their technical and supply departments. Solarisposium also become a permanent fixture in our calendar. Therefore we could not miss the 46th edition of this industry event, all the more that this...

Confirmation of the reliability of mFAP

In the middle of last year testing department and technical office of Solaris Bus & Coach conducted prototype testing of a new Urbino 12 LE bus. The bus has been equipped with our state of the art mFAP driver's workplace. Today we can present results of this test with regard to our solution. The purpose...