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TPMS system in EMTECH semi-trailer

Nearly 2 years ago we started cooperation with EMTECH company - Polish manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and specialized equipment. This cooperation resulted in the next installation of the tire pressure and temperature monitoring system (CPC) in the semi-trailer tailored to the needs of a specific client. We want to thank EMTECH for its trust in...

The opinion of the owner of PANAS Transport

"One of the problems we had struggled with from the beginning of our business activity were exploding tyres and costs resulting from that. I had constantly incurred the costs and they were usually substantial. "

"The number of complications caused by one overheated tyre that finally exploded was disproportionate to the event itself: delayed delivery,...

“ContiPressureCheck system is reliable, easy to use”

The system is reliable, easy to use and provides a lot of information, so that we can fully take care of the tires in our set - says Mr. Krzysztof Olak.

Among our authorized ContiPressureCheck service centers we would like to stand out „Euro-Transchem” from Włocławek. The company has been operating independently on the transportation...

The New Bayern Munich team bus with ProViu system

The FC Bayern Munich coach is the first team bus driving with the Pro Viu ASL 360 camera system.

German FC Bayern Munich team began his league game from journey with its new club bus. Just before the first game of the season MAN company gave the Bavarians a luxury model of MAN Lion`s Coach...