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MASTER Truck 2017

Once again, we were pleased to participate in the 13th edition of Master Truck Show - an event known to all fans of motorization and trucks, both in Poland and across Europe. In the third week of July, over two hundred of the most beautiful trucks from almost all European countries arrived at the airport...

International Driver’s Day

Every year, in the second Friday of May all professional drivers will celebrate Driver’s Day. This year’s celebration at Port Radomsko, organized by association of Polish trackers (Stowarzyszenie “Klub Polskiego Trakera”), attracted many participants – including our representatives. By that time professional drivers had met at different times and various events.

But eventually the world's...

TPMS system in EMTECH semi-trailer

Nearly 2 years ago we started cooperation with EMTECH company - Polish manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and specialized equipment. This cooperation resulted in the next installation of the tire pressure and temperature monitoring system (CPC) in the semi-trailer tailored to the needs of a specific client. We want to thank EMTECH for its trust in...

Warsaw BUS 2017

Last year we took part in debut of Warsaw Bus Expo. Also this year we joined in the second edition of this event, which is strictly dedicated to the sector of urban public transport. At the same time we participated in the MT TSL (International Fair of Transport, Shipping and Logistics). The fair brought to...