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SCANIA POLSKA ready for DTCO® 4.0

Although the official premiere of the new intelligent tachograph was set in the mid-June, DTCO 4.0 could be found in new vehicles offered by the dealers for several weeks. As we have repeatedly written, DTCO 4.0 is a completely new standard of tachographs, that requires appropriate diagnostic tools...

DTCO 4.0 Tachograph of the Future

From June 15, 2019, newly registered or newly equipped vehicles over 3.5 metric tons that are used for commercial purposes must be fitted with a new-generation digital tachograph - DTCO ®4.0. The purpose of the new EU Regulation No. 165/2014 is to further improve road safety, guarantee competitiveness on the European domestic market and prevent...

New Digital tachograph DTCO

At the end of March we went to Frankfurt to take part in the annual meeting of Continental dealers, who operate on the tachograph and telematics market. We have been representing this department of our German partner since 1991. Going Frankfurt we had large hopes related to new products on both European and Polish...

Looking forward to tachograph DTCO 2.2

A new digital tachograph DTCO 2.2, which is the continuation of existing DTCO 2.0, will appear on the market in July.

New digital tachograph, among others, more accurately calculates the time remaining to the pause. It is also equipped with a display showing the remaining weekly driving time, enabling better planning of a...