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multiTPMS an investment for oversized transportation

No more problems with tyres in oversized transportation. Costs related to oversize transport include frequent exchanges of wheels and in consequence unnecessary stops and delays in cargo delivery. These exchanges result from small tyre diameters, which can’t handle sharp turns and heavy loads.

These costs can be reduced by the precise and comprehensive monitoring of tyres. Unfortunately, problem with tyres in oversized transport cannot be solved by well-known tyre pressure monitoring systems available on the market. A big number of wheels and axles, switching semi-trailers and no differentiation between their front and back requires a comprehensive approach.

Thus was born an innovative project dedicated to the oversize transport, the first one of this kind in Europe. The main assumption of the project is to provide the driver with full information concerning tyres. It was created with our Development and Support Department in cooperation with Panas Transport staff.


It’s been a year and a half since we began introducing tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system ContiPressureCheck (CPC) into the market. During that time, we have established a network of 60 CPC authorised service workshops and the system itself has been used by a number of companies in various types of tractors, buses, coaches, tippers, dumpers, loaders etc. Through listening to our clients and gaining experience on a new Market of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems we realized that CPC can bring vast financial and operational benefits to companies operating in the sector of oversize transportation.


With idea and design conception on how to solve the tyre problem in this sector we have initiated talks with Panas Transport company from Zwierzyniec near Zamość. The choice was not accidental; company created in 1990 by Przemysław Panas is considered to be a leader of the European oversize transport market, a role model for other companies and a point of reference when it comes to standards. In decision making process there were additionally two essential factors i.e. pioneering approach of Panas Transport company and the very person of the company’s owner, who as an airplane pilot understands the concept of prevention and its benefits (instead of treating effects). Despite the fact that existing problem with tyres was bigger than we expected, we have found a common ground at the first meeting. As a value added company we like challenges; especially for our engineers from Development and Support Department nothing is impossible.

Thus, we started realization of the project under a working title “Panas Project”, which as we can say now, is a mutual success (oversized transportation, multiTPMS).

Aims and implementation of a system for oversized transportinformation for drivers in the oversized transport in multiTPMS systemthe opinion of the owner of PANAS Transport company on Drabpol's innovative solutionthe impact of multiTPMS system on security, economy and ecology

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aims and implementation of a system for oversized transportation multiTPMS
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the opinion of the owner of PANAS Transport company on Drabpol's innovative solution
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multiTPMS, Drabpol