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Warsaw BUS 2017

Last year we took part in debut of Warsaw Bus Expo. Also this year we joined in the second edition of this event, which is strictly dedicated to the sector of urban public transport. At the same time we participated in the MT TSL (International Fair of Transport, Shipping and Logistics). The fair brought to Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn a lot of manufacturers of vehicles, parts and equipment.

The novelty was the first national auction of used buses. This year we had our stalls at two simultaneous events taking place at the same time. Our exposition at the Warsaw Bus was bigger (150 m2) and involved our flagship product, a modern driver’s workplace mFAP, which is dedicated to the urban public transport.

This year we presented three new solutions within the scope of driver’s workplace mFAP. Two of them visualized data on MVP display. On the first one, we presented two new masks. Especially one of them deserves special attention – it is demo mask presenting Energy Flow (energy balance in the bus). It measures average power consumption, models and measures torque, current and voltage in battery and inverter, as well as bus speed. Additionally, it is possible to visualize the energy flow from batteries to motors (discharging) or from the motors to the batteries (charging). This is all compared while driving within driving cycle on a local bus line.

Warsaw BUS 2017 mFAP

At the second mFap stand, customers could see some sample masks and, by means of the interactive steering wheel, they could make some changes in the design or control the display contrast. The third mFap presented our proprietary solution. On 4" MVF display we presented our own MENU serving as a manipulator. Thus, it was possible to control the driver's and passenger's air conditioning, electrically adjustable seats (tilt angle of backrest and seat) or the radio with RDS (after reading the name of the radio station from the base, we display the logotype of the station), as well as the full preview of the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Drabtuś owl, which reminded of  the speed limitation
For the first time, we applied a warning element in the form of our company mascot - Drabtuś owl, which reminded of the speed limitation, both in Polish and English.

Warsaw BUS 2017 MZA Warszawa, bus stop

The left ear of the display was integrated with the right and central MVP display. Everything communicated with one another via bus CAN. On the right eye of the 7 "display, we showed a fully integrated camera system with the silhouette of the bus, which, for the first time, was demonstrated on MVP display in a form of animation. The silhouette was filled with the colors of Municipal Transport Company (MZK) with which we cooperate. We also displayed RIBAS (driver training system), and a radar warning of both the conflict and the critical state - collision. For the first time we used the warning element in the form of our company mascot - Drabtuś owl. In the case of a speed limitation Drabtuś displays on the screen to remind everyone of the fundamental principle of transport which is safety (the animation is moving and we can hear the motto in two languages). This form of presentation aroused considerable interest among our customers. We do not intend to stop here, we are implementing further solutions, including public telematics, seat control and much more.

Warsaw BUS 2017 Sensors

For the first time, we presented anti-collision radars dedicated to buses and characterized by simultaneous measurement of great distance (up to 200 m), relative speed/velocity, acceleration and lateral distance.

Also anti collision radars for buses had their premiere on our stand. The ARS radar sensor with the real-time scanning allows the driver to determine the distance to the subject and, depending the speed, determine the potential risk of a collision. The appearance of radar objects in the radar field of view, which may threaten a collision, is signaled by a sound signal and light in the driver's cab.

Also alcohol interlocks attracted many visitors. Among novelties we presented a long awaited ALCOLOCK ignition interlock from the new LR series, which is primarily dedicated to those drivers who have legal obligation to drive only vehicles equipped with an alcohol interlock.


We promoted alcohol interlock solutions at our stand together with the owner of ACS / ALCOLOCK company - Mr. Felix JE Comeau..

Our offer for public transport was completed by a system for tire pressure and temperature monitoring – ContiPressureCheck , as well as ProViu ASL®360, USB chargers or multimedia systems. The latter have been presented in the headrests of bus seats, as well as at a special presentation table where they could be hidden any time. Additionally, we presented Konvekta – new products, like KL 48 T air conditioner, dedicated to urban and interurban buses and coaches.

Warsaw BUS 2017 Drabpol telematics, tachographs

Our second smaller stand was located in the area of International Fair of Transport, Shipping and Logistics). Our presentation involved solutions from the field of tachographs, like a system for data reading and analysis, paper, tachograph charts and a DTCO tachograph itself. There was also a space for CPC system and alcohol interlocks. But above all, we focused on promotion of our service network, which consists of authorized service workshops handling with tachographs, CPC system, alcohol interlocks and air conditioning.

We were pleased to welcome the representatives of our recommended tachograph service stations such as Mechanika Precyzyjna Czeszel, ZHU TAKS-MOTO Ryszard Wochowski, Mechanika Precyzyjna Tachograf Józef Strzelczyk and MATEO. Both our stands have been visited by numerous representatives of bus manufacturers, municipal bus companies, coach operators, transport companies, different institutions and the media. Thank you for visiting us.

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