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Warehouse facility for TM4 electric motors

At the end of March, in our headquarters in Mykanów, we created a warehouse facility for the implementation of prototype projects related to TM4 electric motors. Creation of such a quick service point resulted from the market needs of our customers from all over Europe. We have been operating in the field of electromobility for almost two years now.

Knowledge and expertise we have gathered during this time have made us realize that many companies are interested in equipping their usually prototype vehicles with electric motors. These are usually 2-3 pieces, mainly for homologation purposes - with no intention of serial production. Unfortunately, the delivery time was reaching 12 weeks, which was too long for many customers.

Thanks to enlarging the warehouse levels with TM4 electric motors, this time will be shortened to one week. Currently, our logistics and warehouses work from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., which is related to the operation of customs office and carriers. However, due to the fact that we have our own transport, we can deliver goods to the customers at unusual times or in emergency mode.

Our warehouses are prepared for handling RFID codes, as well as bar codes. As a target, we want to store electric motors and related powertrain system components. The first delivery from Canada of TM4 electric motors and all the necessary accessories is already on the way to Mykanów. Efficient logistics and quick delivery will certainly satisfy all our customers all over the Europe.

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