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The Golden Certificate of Reliable Company

For the fifth time, our company was one of the laureates of the "Solidna Firma" (Reliable Company) Economic and Consumer Program. A fivefold title of "Solidna Firma" resulted in granting us a Gold Certificate. Drabpol was awarded the title of “Solidna Firma 2018” for its timely payment of all obligations and its respect for ecology and consumer rights. For the first time, we joined the „Solidna Firma” program in 2003. The program itself is a company evaluation and verification system by experts, consumers and business partners.

It begins with voluntary, simplified financial analysis (external) and ends with attainment of a prestigious title of “Solodna Firma” (Reliable Company). A basic condition for participation in the program are timely settlements with contractors and employees; timely payments for taxes, customs duties, debts to the social insurance company (ZUS), leasing charges and credit receivables, no adjudicative judgments regarding unpaid debts; compliance with labor law, consumer rights, occupational health & safety rules and timely fulfilling complaint obligations.