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Modernization of CIRRUS SR22, DME Systems

At the end of the year our PART 21 Design Organization together with PART 145 Maintenance Organization obtained the new approval of the European aviation supervision EASA. This time it is related to installation of equipment for measuring the distance between the beacon and DME systems (ang. Distance Measuring Equipment).

The modernization included installation of the DME systems Bendix King KN 63, main block, BENDIX/KING KDI 572 DME INDICATOR built on the instrument panel and the COMANT CI 105 blade antenna mounted under the aircraft fuselage. The individual components of the system were combined by the electric wire harness developed by engineers from our company. After installation the equipment came up for ground and flight functional tests because according to the certification schedule the successful "completion" of these tests confirms that certification requirements are met.

Normally in case of such modifications we prepare and approve complements to the Flight Manual, Maintenance Manual and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. The drafting process of the modification (certification schedule, project documentation, balance and electronic balance analysis and procedures of ground and flight testing) created opportunity to exchange experience with the Czech civil aviation authority (Úřad Pro Civilní Letectví). On EASA’s behalf Czech inspectors supervised the preparation and implementation of the changes. Due to implementation of other navigation systems, new equipment will reinforce the safety of flight operations, improving situational awareness of the crew. Once again, we would like to emphasize that customer (the owner or operator of the aircraft) who chooses our offer receives a comprehensive solution, i.e. project development, installation, verification and design change approval in the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which will save time and money, and above all, improve flight safety – what is still the most important issue in aviation.

The modernization of avionics in Cirrus involved installation of DME Bendix King KN 63 main block, Bendix King KDI 572, DME indicator built on the dashboard and the COMANT CI 105 blade antenna mounted under the aircraft fuselage.

Change within the scope of PART 145 approval

From January 2016 our PART 145 Maintenance Organization operates according to the new Certificate of Approval. The changes are related to the scope of approval, where maintenance actions can be performed on components without restrictions related to the aircrafts (aircrafts’ categories have been removed from the Capability List). It means that we can perform the service of components in accordance with the Detailed Scope of Approval and certify them with EASA FORM-1, no matter on what aircraft the component is installed. More complicated operations, such as installation or modification of avionics equipment, where CRS certification is required, will be performed on in cooperation with other PART 145 (and CAMO) Organizations, which have a given type of aircraft, for which the modification is performed, in their scope of approval. Then, the company cooperating with us in these works issues a certificate of release to service CRS after completion of installation or modernization (or other activities, after require CRS certification).

BendixKing by Honeywell, awionika