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CPC system in the TPMS zone

On the last day of March we went to Poznań to Automotive Technology Fair. We were invited by the editorial team of the tyre industry magazine – "Swiat Opon" (The World of Tyres) to visit their stand in the special TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) zone, where we had the pleasure to give a presentation concerning tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system.

For three days a series of presentations dedicated to the solutions in the field of TPMS systems took place in this special zone. Anyone who wanted to know what the TPMS is and how to diagnose the system using instruments available on the market could come and listen to the lectures. The topics were mainly dedicated to tyre maintenance service centers, but also to all vehicle users, mostly cars, but not only. Since November 2014, according to the EU regulations, all new cars should be equipped with pressure sensors. The purpose of this regulation is to improve road safety, but also to decrease fuel consumption or tyre wear.

Our presentation concerned the already proven system for tyre pressure and temperature monitoring ContiPressureCheck. Director Jerzy Piątek, who is in charge of creating a network of maintenance service centers for the above mentioned system, gave the comprehensive presentation on technical aspects connected with CPC system and economic advantages related to constant monitoring of pressure and temperature in the tyres. This presentation was met with great interest from the audience. We are satisfied that solution of this type gains more and more supporters. On the other hand, it comes as no surprise - the CPC system protects time as well as money of those who appreciated its potential.

Dear Editorial Team of "Swiat Opon"- Thank you very much for the invitation to the trade fair's TPMS zone and for the opportunity to present our comprehensive solution – ContiPressureCheck system.

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