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ContiPressureCheck road safety

Recently we were reached by the news from Slovenia, where on the highway there was a serious accident involving Polish lorry. A driver of the car carrier after tyre blow-out has lost control over the steering wheel – as a result the vehicles detached and went onto the lane. There is no need to convince anyone of how important the correct tyre pressure is (ContiPressureCheck system). However, this or other accidents we hear about in the media show that these issues are often underestimated.

We have to realize that as much as 97% of tyre blow-outs are caused by the slow air loss, which the driver was not aware of, and only 3% of tyre blow-outs are related with mechanical damage (sudden loss of air) ContiPressureCheck. system is worth to invest in. The system will not only take proper care of our safety and safety of other road users, but it also protects our time and money, and influences the environmental protection. ContiPressureCheck works with tyres of all brands and all vehicles also in oversized transport using an innovative system of Drabpol company CPC 200-T.

We invite you to watch the video:

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źródło: RTV4, https://4d.rtvslo.si

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