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Business Gazelle

Once again, our company appeared among the laureates of the national ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises. Thus, we gained the title of “Gazela Biznesu” (Business Gazelle). “Gazela Biznesu” (Business Gazelle) is the most popular and the oldest ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises, aiming at the promotion of small and medium entrepreneurship.

In Poland the rating is performed by Puls Biznesu economic newspaper in cooperation with one of the largest business intelligence agency in Poland – Coface Polska. In each edition of the rating the company's results are examined for the full three preceding years. In 2018 edition, there were analyzed the results for years 2015-2016-2017. Companies that met the assumed criteria –during the last three years they recorded a constant increase in sales revenues and have not even once recorded a loss could compete for the title Gazela Biznesu 2018. The transparency of the operation, manifested in the publication of own financial results, also determines the qualification. Companies receiving the title of “Gazela Biznesu” (Business Gazelle) must characterize with an impeccable reputation and fairness towards contractors, employees and the state treasury.

Our company, receiving the title of "Gazela Biznesu", recorded in 2018 over 160% increase in revenues as compared to 2017.