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Bus of the Year 2017

The information that "Bus of the Year 2017" title was awarded to Urbino NE12 electric, a bus presented at IAA, was welcomed by us with a national pride. This is the first title in this prestigious competition awarded to Polish manufacturer - Solaris Bus & Coach company. Moreover, for the first time in history of this competition the prize was awarded to an electric vehicle.

Solaris Urbino NE12 is a new generation 12 metres long low-floor bus containing 30 seats, which stands out in terms of 240 kWh batteries and two charging systems. We are pleased to inform you that Bus of the Year 2017 is equipped with solutions of our business partners - Continental and Konvekta.

One of them is a third generation of Conti Urban HA3 M + S tires, designed to meet the most demanding conditions of public transport. Tires fitted on the vehicle - Conti Urban HA3 M + S tires size 275 / 70R22.5 150 / 145J – characterize with durable and robust sidewalls, which effectively protect them against damage (e.g. in case of driving over a curb) and deliver up to 20% more mileage in comparison with tires of the previous generation. These features are particularly important from the perspective of providing high comfort for passengers, as well as safety of traveling.

It should be noticed that all Conti Urban HA3 M + S tires in the awarded Solaris are equipped with TPMS sensors measuring pressure and temperature (ContiPressureCheck). This preventive approach to tire management in buses allows for real savings - the correct pressure reduces tire rolling resistance, and thus decreases fuel consumption. The current tire control delays their damage and saves time for unscheduled repairs or tire replacement. Among solutions designed by Continental, in Solaris Urbino 12 electric there has been installed an on-board electronics system of the third generation - KIBES 32 (multiplex network with central computer - ZR 32). The main objective of the system is to optimize the wiring and the way of electricity distribution. At the moment ZR32A computer, which is the core of the system works on the basis of two operating independently processors, which are responsible for their tasks - especially for communication and processing of applications.

These two 32-bit-processors (RISC), constituting the "heart" of Kibes 32 system, support 6 different CAN protocols. Its internal diagnostics and compliance with the protocol SAE J1708 / J1587 is yet another advantage. The construction of the system allows free programming via K-Line. Taking the opportunity to connect 6 CAN protocols, to the central computer ZR32A we can connect up to 16 multiplexers, all equipment communicating via Powertrain CAN (PCAN) and Instrumental CAN (ICAN) or devices supporting the installation via Body CAN. This results in energy savings, due to reduction of wire harnesses connections, and thus – reduction of vehicle operating costs, weight and fuel consumption.

Also, our second partner Konvekta company has every reason to be proud. The awarded Urbino NE12 has been equipped with Konvekta compact roof-top air conditioning - Konvekta UL500EM. The device stands out, among others, due to fan noise reduction at about 5dB, electrically modular and hermetic CO2 system (the construction does not require the use of refrigerant piping in the vehicle) and consistent high cooling efficiency (due to the constant rotation of the compressor). Huge savings on UL 500 EM weight reduce CO2 emission. The entire system fully recyclable and thus environment friendly. This has been appreciated by German DBU organization, which awarded a prize for protection of the environment to UL500 EM.

Uroczyste wręczenie statuetki Bus of the Year 2017

Mrs. Solange Olszewska- Owner of Solaris Bus & Coach and
Dr. Andreas Strecker - CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach present the
"Bus of the Year" statuette.

The official ceremony of granting Bus of the Year 2017 statuettes with the participation of the whole management board of Solaris Bus & Coach was held on 21st September during the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016. We were very pleased to take part in this unusual event. Our company was represented by President Paweł Drabczyński, while Continental company was represented by Mr. Gerhard Hogg- Head of Vehicle Electronics Segment Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket. Congratulations to Solaris company on this big success. We wish them so that this prestigious award will become a constant inspiration for the further plans.

In the awarded with a title "Bus of the Year 2017" Solaris Urbino electric there were used solutions offered by our company, i.e. an on-board electronics - KIBES 32 Continental, the third generation of Conti Urban HA3 M + S tires with sensors measuring pressure and temperature (CPC) and compact roof-top air conditioning - Konvekta UL500 EM.

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