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70 years of Military Aviation Works No 1 in Lodz

This unusual anniversary gathered a lot of guests related to Military Aviation Works no 1.

Military Aviation Works no 1 in Łódź celebrated its 70th anniversary on 8th of May, 2015. The event was attended by vice-president of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, representatives of Ministry of Defense, Chief Engineer of Air Forces and authorities from city of Łódź. We also had the honor of celebrating this unusual anniversary in the company’s headquarter in Lublinek.

All guests received beautiful clocks with the picture of MI-24 helicopter

All guests received beautiful clocks with the picture of MI-24 helicopter.

Some employees were honored and rewarded. Jan Pietowski- the President talked not only about previous successes of the company but also about future bringing new opportunities like tender on purchase of new helicopters for Polish Air Forces. If French Caracal passes all tests, the assembling plant of the helicopters will be located in Lodz. Military Aviation Works no 1 in Lodz is a leading European company representing avionics business. For the past 70 years it has had well established position on Polish market and foreign markets thanks to performing of overhauls, services and maintenance of the aircrafts and helicopters for the air fairs and civil aviation.

All the guests congratulated Military Aviation Works on their anniversary. In order to express our admiration for their successes we gave Mi 8 cockpit drawing depicting the equipment we offer to Mr Jan Pietowski- the President of Military Aviation Works no 1 in Lodz.