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Meeting of Garmin dealers at Kennedy Space Cente

There is a tradition that during an annual Convention manufacturers organize special evenings for their dealers. This year we were pleased to participate in the wonderful evening, organized by GARMIN for "the whole Garmin family".

Nearly 150 people were invited to a new (opened 2 years ago) museum at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Under the wings of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and surrounded by the space equipment organizers have provided an unforgettable experience for all the guests. All simulators available in this part were at participants’ disposal.

Thus, with great pleasure and a thrill of emotion we enjoyed activities such as docking to the station, start and landing of the space shuttle Atlantis on the runway in California – from this place shuttles are transported to Florida. The impression was additionally enhanced by the music. The evening spent at the Kennedy Space Center was also an opportunity to learn about the interesting history of other space shuttles.

We realize that organization of this evening meeting in such a well-known tourist site like the Kennedy Space Center was a big project. Thank you to our partner - GARMIN company - for a variety of attractions and a great atmosphere at this year's distributors meeting.

Jim Alpiser and Paweł Drabczyński on the meeting of Garmin dealersAl Ingle, Paula Derks and Paweł Drabczyński on the meeting of Garmin dealers

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