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TPMS system in EMTECH semi-trailer

Nearly 2 years ago we started cooperation with EMTECH company - Polish manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and specialized equipment. This cooperation resulted in the next installation of the tire pressure and temperature monitoring system (CPC) in the semi-trailer tailored to the needs of a specific client. We want to thank EMTECH for its trust in choosing our company (again) and our solution.

In this case Emtech applied innovative mTPMS solution developed by our company. The semi-trailer was equipped with an independent system comprising of warning light integrated with an electronic display, in a hermetic box on the semi-trailer. The lamp with its flashing light, visible in the side-view mirror, informs the driver of any changes concerning pressure and temperature of semi-trailer tires.

Łukasz Odziemczewski Prezes Spółki Emtech    
"In the course of manufacturing of our vehicles, we always keep in mind to rely on the best, proven and reliable solutions. Customer satisfaction is our prime objective. Therefore, we were interested in the innovative system for tire pressure and temperature monitoring offered by DRABPOL company. Thanks to this solution I can be sure that tires are under full control and there won’t be any downtimes or blowouts, which will result in substantial savings and ensure safe driving. Thus, we can offer our clients semi-trailers with even greater level of reliability. I also welcome the fact that Polish transport companies become more aware, although relatively slowly, that by using such control system they can protect their tires and prolong their service life, which at the end results in lower service costs and fuel consumption. I hope that every year we will increase the number of customers using our semi-trailers equipped with your ContiPressureCheck."

Łukasz Odziemczewski
Prezes Spółki Emtech


After a warning and vehicle stop, the driver will be able to check on a display which tire had a problem. This will help the driver to take action in order to eliminate the failure. We would like to thank EMTECH company for the already established cooperation and choosing our solution. We strongly believe that semi-trailers equipped with an innovative TPMS system will enjoy good reputation in the eyes of customers, and the system will provide them with measurable benefits and considerable savings (in the near future).

Continental Polska system CPC, Continental