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Pressure and temperature monitoring system for tires

In Biełaz vehicles at cement plant Ożarów, tires are under control now. Towards the end of the year, another system for measuring the pressure and temperature in the tires appeared in Biełaz dump trucks. These are the next big trucks used in mines, cement plants and quarries, in which the system has been installed. The official handing over of vehicles equipped with CPC system took place at cement plant Ożarów and was attended, among others, by Mr. Marek Świercz Junior- Vice-President of the Board of POLMARK and Mr. Jaroslaw Piątek- Key Account Manager in our company.

Vehicles with CPC will be used in Ożarów Cement Plant, which belongs to CRH (Cement Roadstone Holdings). The Cement Plant has a total number of 20 Biełaz dump trucks and we hope that another vehicles will soon join those with CPC. ContiPressureCheck system was installed in these Biełaz vehicles by POLMARK company from Kielce- an importer of Biełaz dump trucks, and also our partner service center. POLMARK Kielce sells its products to most of the mines in Poland, and it is worth to emphasize that the pressure and temperature monitoring system for tires is mounted in each sold vehicle.

The official handing over of 5 dump trucks equipped with pressure and temperature monitoring system took place on a cold January morning (4 January). It was attended by representatives of POLMARK company, Ożarów Cement Plant, as well as a representative of our company.

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