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“ContiPressureCheck system is reliable, easy to use”

The system is reliable, easy to use and provides a lot of information, so that we can fully take care of the tires in our set - says Mr. Krzysztof Olak.

Among our authorized ContiPressureCheck service centers we would like to stand out „Euro-Transchem” from Włocławek. The company has been operating independently on the transportation services market and in the area of specialized services since March 1993. However, we have forty years of experience acquired while providing services for Zakłady Azotowe "Anwil" SA (plant producing nitrogen fertilizer in Puławy) , which currently belong to PKN ORLEN group. In early March, we visited "Euro-Transchem" company. The meeting provided an opportunity to talk with Mr. Krzysztof Olak, Service Manager.

Redactor DN: From history of your company we know that Euro-Transchem deals with transport of goods, such as food and liquid products. How big is your fleet?

Krzysztof Olak: Our core business is transportation of a wide variety of goods, for which we use approximately 100 sets: tractors with silos, tankers or trailers. We specialise in transportation of liquid chemicals (ADR) and food, using tankers with 30,000 litre capacity.

Redactor DN: Your use your fleet to transportation of food and I suppose that besides economic aspects also important are security matters and delivering goods on time. In one of your vehicles you have ContiPressureCheck system, which monitors pressure and temperature. Can you share with us your thoughts on the system? Have you noticed benefits connected with using it?

Krzysztof Olak: Yes, the system has been operating on the set for over a year. Above all, the system works flawlessly and does not cause any problems. This is a really good quality device. In addition to the continuous measurement of pressure and temperature, it also has an excellent option of history recorded in the device, so we can see how the drivers take care about the correct pressure.

Redactor DN: And what do drivers think about using CPC system?

Krzysztof Olak: Drivers are satisfied with information about the temperature, which can be checked on a regular basis while driving. Especially in the summer, when fully loaded sets work in conditions of road surface temperature reaching up to 100 degrees C; we realize how important is the right pressure, even one-tenth makes a difference.

Redactor DN: „Euro-Transchem” company is also an authorized installation service center of ContiPressureCheck system. Do you think that in Polish transportation there is a place for such system?

Krzysztof Olak: I think that Polish carriers are not fully convinced how they can take advantage of this system. Everybody keeps an eye on expenses but they should look widely – from the perspective of savings which the system of temperature and pressure monitoring will bring. When we buy a new vehicle and equip it with the system, even after a very short time we can observe financial benefits. But what’s the most important, we feel comfortable knowing that the tires are constantly monitored and we do not have to worry about their proper use.

Redactor DN: Would you recommend the system to other carriers?

Krzysztof Olak: Of course; the system is reliable, easy to use and provides a lot of information, so that we can fully take care of the tires in our set.

Redactor DN: Thank you for the discussion.

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