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multi TPMS advantages

multi TPMS is not a cost, it’s an investment

immediate and full check of 200 wheels

return on investment- 2 years!

*) Sample calculation made for the unit equipped with 280 wheels (3 tractors, 30 truck axles).

  • Yearly expenses on tyres – PLN 115,000, which means PLN 690,000 in 6 years,
  • Cost of multiTPMS system – PLN 130,000,
  • Income of PLN 200,000 in 6 years,
  • Total cost of tyres is PLN 1,000,000


... in safety

  • reduced risk of 30% road breakdowns (according to ADAC data),
  • impact on correct tire contact with the road – shorter braking distance, more driving stability,
  • increased awareness of the brand as a responsible entrepreneur,
  • elimination of tire explosion (3% of all tire failures is instant explosion).

... in economy *

  • return on investment: 2 years,
  • income of 60.000,-€ in 6 years,
  • investment in one wheel is just 111,-€ in 6 years!

... in ecology

  • lower fuel consumption,
  • reduced CO2 emission,
  • increased mileage,
  • reduced amount of gases produced during the tire manufacturing process,
  • reduced natural decomposition of rubber (as a result of tire explosions on the road),
  • lower demand for tire exchange.

additional economic benefits:

higher vehicle’s resale price due to real mileage (when driving with constantly lower pressure, the actual number of kilometres driven is less by 10% than the odometer reading),

  • less time spent on tire pressure and temperature checks,
  • lower risk of traffic ticket due to a halt on a motorway,
  • higher comfort for drivers and pilots,
  • elimination of stoppage resulting from tire failures.

multiTPMS System

How does it work?

Drabpol, multiTPMS System folder

Remote data transfer uses the vehicle’s CAN bus. The universal character of multi TPMS system ensures automatic detection of wheels and their localization in the unit irrespective of where and in what direction the truck has been connected.


In case of a tire failure, there are two information thresholds: hazard (orange) and critical condition (red). The system also informs of the correct levels of tire pressure and temperature (green) and a communication failure (grey).
MVF display visualizes in one window all information on tires in critical or hazardous condition. In case multiple messages occur at the same time, the software automatically gives priority to the information of the highest importance.

The differences in the number of axles and wheels have enforced the necessity to implement standardization of the number of CCUs (2 per module), which enables constant switching of trolleys and moving the MVF display from one vehicle to another. The system’s task is to properly group and number the trolleys so that data for the driver are clearly presented on the display.

multiTPMS System Versatility multiTPMS System Versatility multiTPMS System, multi-segment unit

Below you can download two folders:

pobierz PDF   informative clear and transparent visualization of the system and its benefits,  
pobierz PDF   technical version including detailed description of the connections and the principle of operation of the system.