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History of Drabpol

DRABPOL in the years 1983 - 2015

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1983 rok



everything started 32 years ago...

in Czestochowa, on 15th January 1983

On that day Pawel Drabczynski established his company "Zaklad Naprawy Sprzetu Elektroniki Samochodowej", which laid the foundation for the later Drabpol. After three years tachographs came into the offer of the company. None of us thought that they would change the fate of the company. At that time there were only five people on the team, including Pawel Drabczynski. To develop operations associated with tachographs, there were created computer stations equipped with "Spectrum" computers.

Drabpol, headquarters of our company in 1983

The above photo shows the first headquarters of our company (1983) Zaklad Naprawy Sprzetu Elektroniki Samochodowej at WSI Uniwersum in Czestochowa.

In 1987 the name of the company was changed for the first time to: "Zaklad Naprawy Elektroniki Samochodowej i Tachografow". One year later the company repaired a great number of tachographs - 6000 units. Till now Pawel Drabczynski recalling those times says - "it was Eldorado".

Drabpol, the first tachograph test and repair station, 1986

The first tachograph test and repair station, 1986

Along with evolving economic conditions, we were also changing. In 1990 it was founded a manufacturing and trading company named "Drab" Pawel Drabczynski i Teodora Drabczynska. But there were not only formal changes - DRAB became the first authorised service center of Webasto-Sirroko heaters in Poland. This was paving the way for our next business partner. Next year we started cooperation, which has been continuing up till now - "Drab" company has become a representative of Mannesmann Kienzle.

year 1992

Development and expansion of the company


the next stage of development

we became a representative of J. Eberspächer in the territory of Poland

With gaining nationwide character, the name of company was changed to Drabpol, which is valid till now. The development and expansion of the company necessitated the relocation. In a new, much larger office we had been working for the next three years. Also, the very structure of the company began to change – there were created two divisions: "Department of Measurements for Road Safety" and "Comfort Department". Offer of this second department was extended by products of our partner - Konvekta. Year 1994 was marked by a merger of Mannesmann Kienzle and VDO. As a result a company VDO Kienzle was established, and we strengthened the "Department of Measurements for Road Safety” by including VDO products into the offer.

In 1995 we ended cooperation with Eberspächer, and its place was taken by Philips Kreis GmbH & CO Truma- Gerätbau, commonly known as Truma. Our President focused on development of the company aimed at giving clients the certainty that Drabpol is a reliable partner. For this purpose, our company started process of ISO certification. Next year we became a representative of another companies: Gesig and Hectronic AG. As a result of this step there was created a new department: "Department of Traffic Engineering". It was in 1996, when we relocate for the next time. But for the first time to our own premises. However, we have not forgotten about social activities and charity. Our company built a Safety Town for Primary School no. 50 in Częstochowa, that still works. It helps children acquire practical skills of safe behavior on the road.

Along with extension of our offer and expansion to the whole area of Poland, we decided to develop our network of partner service centers. Since then, their number has been growing steadily to reach currently 140 workshops.

Drabpol, Laboratory of Accident Analysis of Tachograph Charts (1997)

In 1997 we opened Laboratory of Accident Analysis of Tachograph Charts which turned out to be our great success.

In 1997 we were awarded the first medal - out of many as it turned out - Gold Medal of MTM in Poznań for electronic accident data recorder, UDS. However, we still focused our attention on tachographs. On 23 May 1997, we opened the first, and so far the only one in Central and Eastern Europe, Laboratory of Accident Analysis of Tachograph Charts.

Additionally, between 1995 and 1997 we conducted tachograph trainings for 160 police officers. In 1997 Pawel Drabczyńnki changed the face of cooperation with VDO Kienzle and international representatives of the brand. That year, in October we organized Osteuropa Meeting. Currently, such meetings take place every year in various cities of Europe giving opportunity to meet with our counterparts from other countries and with VDO team. International meetings of VDO representatives are different but equally nice. Every year during those meetings there are chosen winners in the category of co-workers in sales. In 1997, we took a great third place, just after representatives from England and Mexico.

Gold Medal UDS
Gold Medal UDS
Gold Medal of the Poznan International Fair for UDS 2165 Kienzle Car's Black Box produced by VDO Kienzle, Germany (1997)

Gold Medal EDM 1404
Gold Medal EDM 1404
Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair for EDM 1404 Electronic Diesel Consumption, Measuring System, produced by Mannesmann VDO AG, Germany (1998)

Gold Laurel of  Skills and Competences
Gold Laurel of Skills and Competences
Gold Laurel of Skills and Competences for Paweł Drabczyński, Owner and President of Drabpol company in the category of managers, social and economic leaders (2000)

Year 1997

numerous prizes and awards




Having successful 1997 behind, one could think, that we would not be able to maintain that level in the following year. Nothing could be more wrong. In 1998 we had another success on our credit: MTM gold medal in Poznań for EDM system and official thanks for charity action for road safety received from the President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski. But there is also another reason why we recall this year – in 1998 we celebrated our 15th anniversary. On this occasion in our headquarters we organized an anniversary party for employees and their families with numerous competitions and feasting. Celebration and being proud of our achievements is one thing, and no one can take it away from us, but then everyone realized that there are still successful times ahead. The more likely we all returned to work.

Drabpol, Statuette of Golden Pegasus

Statuette of Golden Pegasus

We did not have to wait long for another success. In June 1999, we received the prestigious Statuette of Golden Pegasus for outstanding achievements in transport and shipping. Also in June, we participated in a closed meeting for the best authorised service centers (ASO), which took place at VDO headquarters in Villingen. The ideal crowning and the end of the twentieth century was a ceremony of granting the Gold Laurel of Abilities and Competence to our president, Paweł Drabczyński. This award was handed over by the Prime Minister of Republic of Poland, Mr. Jerzy Buzek, NATO Secretary General, Mr. Javier Solano and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Mr. Bronislaw Geremek.

Drabpol, European Medal for Laboratory of Accident Analysis of Tachograph Charts, 2001

European Medal for Laboratory of Accident Analysis of Tachograph Charts

At the beginning of XXI century, in 2001, Laboratory of Accident Analysis of Tachograph Charts was awarded the European Medal for reading and analyzing records from the charts. In 2001, after six years, we obtained ISO certification. Since 21st September, 2001 Drabpol has been operating in accordance with ISO certification. Next year we received another European Medal. This time we gained recognition for tachographs exchange system - RAS, which was developed in cooperation with VDO company. However, this was not the end of awards for us in 2002.

Gold Medal for fleet/machines management system FM 200 or the Golden Wheel for the driver's workplace (FAP) and system KIBES 2 assured us only that the road we are heading is the most appropriate. As if to sum up this successful year, our Measurement Laboratory received accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

Year 2003

Innovative systems



We introduce the first in Poland navigation system with digital TV DVB-T

In 2003 Drabpol gained a subsidiary company - Drabpol Car Communication dealing with car audio appliances and navigation systems by VDO and VDO Dayton. We introduced on the market an innovative navigation system CI-Q, as well as the first in Poland navigation systems with digital TV DVB-T. In connection with closing of car audio and navigation department by Continental VDO, at the beginning of 2010 car audio products and navigation systems left our offer. In 2003 we received numerous prizes and awards, like European Medal for the air conditioner KL2-PL. However, we would like to emphasize two of them - the Solid Company title, which we also received in the following year, and a nomination for the Golden Statuette of Polish Business Leader.

Year 2006

The new headquarters


Ceremonial opening of a new headquarters

Mykanow near Częstochowa

The year 2005 went smoothly with a Gold Medal for the digital tachograph DTCO with 2171 KITAS transmitter and the Medal of Kielce Trade Fairs for Modulkombi 1572. But the next year was particularly significant in the history of our company. In 2006 started the first construction works aimed at our present headquarters in Mykanow near Częstochowa. The opening ceremony took place in less than a year later. Our quests were -among others - Mayor of Mykanów and our partners from Siemens VDO.

Drabpol Headquarters 2006

Drabpol Headquarters, Mykanow near Częstochowa

In June 2007 we celebrated moving to our new headquarters in Mykanów and in July we opened a new Exhibition and Showroom in Warsaw. Although this year was marked by the new premises, it also brought numerous awards. Apart from the Gold Medal for TIS Office software, used for archiving and analyzing tachograph data – we also received an honorable mention for fuel consumption measurement system, EDM eco.

Year 2008

25th anniversary of the company



Mykanow near Częstochowa

... the joy after receiving Statuette of Polish Business Leader was really huge but fully justified. It was a beautiful beginning of 2008, the year in which our company celebrated its 25th anniversary. On this occasion we celebrated in Częstochowa with about 250 guests from the world of business and politics. The entire ceremony and awareness of what we celebrate even more encouraged us to further development and effort to meet again at the ceremony of 50th anniversary of the company. Further development in our dictionary, does not mean an empty phrase, it means actions. In 2008, we created a new department "Drabpol Avionics", a certified service organization which meets the requirements of PART 145. Nowadays, this department develops very dynamically as it is the only one in Poland that is affiliated with the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA).

In 2009, by receiving AQAP 2110: 2006 certificate, we joined the group of companies certified by the Polish National Institution in NATO for Quality Assurance. This year we also collected a honorable mention at the TRANSEXPO Trade Fair for KIBES 32 and a medal at ROTRA Trade Fair for DLD system.

Year 2011

Drabpol as Part-21


Drabpol, PART 21 (1997)

After our longstanding efforts, the European Aviation Safety Agency (European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA) has approved our company as Part-21 design organization providing changes on gliders, airplanes and helicopters, connected with electronics and avionics and its installation on aircrafts.

Drabpol is the first company in Poland, which was not related with the "big" aviation industry before, which received the above certificate. That year we also received the titles of: "Effective Company" and "Business Cheetahs".

Year 2012

Granting of the Polish business-promoting emblem "Teraz Polska"


In 2012 we opened a professional Exhibition and Showroom in our Branch Office in Warsaw, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 250. As one of the first companies in Poland we implemented Code of Ethics - standards of ethical conduct that apply to all our employees. That year brought us also further awards: European Medal for services in the field of designing avionics changes to aircrafts (avionics modifications) for Drabpol’s Part 21 Design Organization, the title of the "Ambassador of Polish Economy" in the category of Creator of XXI - century solutions and once again the title of "Business Cheetahs".

Granting of the Polish business-promoting emblem Teraz Polska, Paweł Drabczynski, Drabpol

Granting of the Polish business-promoting emblem "Teraz Polska"

An important event of that year was granting us the Polish business-promoting emblem "Teraz Polska" (Poland Now) in the field of designing avionics changes for aircrafts. Moreover, our President Pawel Drabczynski was awarded with honorary European Medal and a Medal of Chamber of Commerce for Public Transportation - "For Longstanding Commitment to Public Transportation", for the outstanding contribution to the development of public transport in Poland and integration of transport community.

Year 2013

Sales development



Rockwell Collins, L-3 Wescam, Enersys

This year has resulted in establishing numerous business contacts with foreign partners – we became the official representative on the Polish market of Canadian company L-3 Wescam – producer of air observation systems for airplanes, helicopters, airships, drones or armored vehicles. We signed mutual cooperation agreement with Enersys company- producer of batteries for road vehicles and aircrafts, and we established cooperation with Norwegian company Axnes- producer of Polycon communication systems. After nearly three years of attempts we also received the status of Central and Eastern Europe Dealer of American company Rockwell Collins- a world leader in production of avionics for Business Aviation aircrafts.

A great success was receiving the TRACE international certificate confirming the implementation of sound anti-corruption practices in business, providing customers with security and transparency in business relations. This year brought us another title of Business Cheetahs.

Year 2014



We established cooperation with another foreign partner – Canadian company ACS/ ALCOLOC- producer of the newest solutions in the field of alcohol interlocks for the drivers. For the model cooperation with foreign companies we were awarded the title of Ambassador of the Polish Economy in the category of "Partner of Foreign Companies" After a long process we managed to obtain the second degree industrial safety certificates with clauses– "Tajne", "NATO Secret" and "Secret UE/EU Secret". We can therefore perform the works for security and defense of the State, which involve access to information classified as CONFIDENTIAL, including those for NATO and the EU.
For his actions for road safety President Paweł Drabczyński was awarded the honorable title of "Friend of the partner service of ensuring traffic safety".

Industrial Safety Certyficates 2014

NATO Secret, NATO Confidential
certificate confirming the ability to protect classified information of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO Secret, NATO Confidential

secret and confidential
certificate confirming the ability to protect classified information – secret and confidential.

SECRET UE-EU Secret, Confidential UE, EU Confidential
certificate confirming the ability to protect classified information in European Union. SECRET UE/EU Secret, Confidential UE, EU Confidential.

Year 2015

Air Fair 2015


This year at IX exhibition in Bydgoszcz we were awarded HONORABLE MENTION at AIR FAIR 2015 for promotion and adherence to ethical standards in business. Gen. Edward Gruszka, Chief of the Inspectorate of Support hands over the AIR FAIR Medal to President of Drabpol, Pawel Drabczynski.

On 29 and 30 May we participated once again in the International Air Fair Exhibition in Bydgoszcz. Together with our partners from companies Bendix King, L-3 Communications WESC, Universal Avionics Systems, HR Smith, Enersys, Axnes and Thommen we promoted the latest innovations in the field of avionics for military and civil aviation.

Air Fair 2015 Honorable Mention for promoting and adhering to ethical standards in business

Air Fair 2015 Honorable Mention for promoting and adhering to ethical standards in business

As early as 2012 we introduced in Drabpol our own Code of Ethics, i.e. standards of ethical conduct, applicable to all employees in the company. One year later we obtained the international certificate of TRACE, which confirms implementation of anti-corruption practices, providing customers with security and transparency in business relations.

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