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  • MOLPIR | Busworld 2017

    MOLPIR | Busworld 2017

    We haven’t forgotten about our present business partners. Together with Polish customers we hosted at an impressive stand of Molpir...

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  • ATG | Busworld 2017

    ATG | Busworld 2017

    Our second business partner is ATG company, which designs and manufactures articulations and complete gangway systems, platforms and cable guides...

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  • TM4 | Busworld 2017

    TM4 | Busworld 2017

    Day’s spend at this year’s trade fair were very busy for our company. We can easily say that during Busworld...

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  • Dr Thomas Olbrich and FAPsafety+

    Dr Thomas Olbrich and FAPsafety+

    This year Continental company didn’t take part in the event as an exhibitor. However, representatives of our German partner visited...

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  • Vojtech Podhradsky BendixKing

    Vojtech Podhradsky BendixKing

    During AIR FAIR Exhibition in Bydgoszczy, our business partner - BendixKing company - was presented by Vojtech Podhradsky. The attached...

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  • AIR FAIR 2017 Bydgoszcz

    AIR FAIR 2017 Bydgoszcz

    AIR FAIR 2017 Bydgoszcz has already became a permanent fixture in the events calendar of Drabpol company. Once again, we...

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  • Installation of glasscockpit G500

    Installation of glasscockpit G500

    Installation of integrated Garmin G500 glasskockpit avionics in Modlin. The Part 21 Office's work on this project included drawing documentation,...

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  • Garmin G1000 NXi integrated avionics

    Garmin G1000 NXi integrated avionics

    Features such as wireless cockpit connectivity, including wireless database updates using Flight Stream, enhanced situational awareness with SurfaceWatch™ runway monitoring,...

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  • Driver’s workplace, MVP

    Driver’s workplace, MVP

    This year we presented three new solutions within the scope of driver’s workplace mFAP, including our proprietary MENU serving as...

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  • Draptuś, new warning element

    Draptuś, new warning element

    For the first time, we applied a warning element in the form of our company mascot - Drabtuś owl, which...

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  • AEA Convention

    AEA Convention

    The whole Garmin family gathered in the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. This time the participants had a great...

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  • The AEA Convention and Trade Show

    The AEA Convention and Trade Show

    Traditionally, the AEA Convention has gathered a large number of exhibitors. Also our foreign partners every year take part in...

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  • Continental tires with CPC

    Continental tires with CPC

    The offer of Continental products was completed by a tire pressure and temperature monitoring system– CPC, as well as by...

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  • Transexpo FUNTORO

    Transexpo FUNTORO

    Our multimedia offer couldn’t remain unnoticed. Visitors paid special attention to four Funtoro monitors, hidden in the special presentation table,...

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  • Konvekta KL 48T

    Konvekta KL 48T

    A large majority of our trade fair exposition was devoted to air conditioning units . One of them was KL...

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