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Konvekta at IAA 2016 in Hanover

This year at IAA trade fair, presentation of Konvekta solutions took place at the two exhibition stands. At the first stand visitors could see air conditioning systems for buses, at the second one - only car refrigeration units.

In respect of air conditioning German manufacturer Konvekta promoted the its new, super-light Ultra Light UL900 unit, with a cooling capacity of 45,000 Watts. Due to high-performance insulation it is characterized by higher efficiency and 10% less refrigerant. Reduced installation height, new design and improved aerodynamics are just a few of the distinctive features describing UL 900. At the stand Konvekta has also presented its air conditioning systems from the KL 40 series- air conditioning KL47T with cooling capacity of 28kW, air conditioning KL 48T with a capacity of 30 kW and KL49T with a capacity of 32,000. Moreover, visitors could see the roof air conditioning for the driver's workplace with a capacity of 4300 W - KL20E facelift.

Stoisko Konvekta na IAA 2016a

Konvekta has presented its air conditioning systems and car refrigeration units at the two separate stands.

The offer was supplemented by the drivers, which support heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A very important element of this year's exhibition was UL500EM CO2 air conditioner with a high-efficiency heat pump, which provides a suitable comfort to the passengers compartment and the driver's cab, and also provides cooling for the battery. It was carbon dioxide that was used here as a refrigerant.

At this year's trade fair, three buses manufactured by Solaris Bus & Coach were equipped with Konvekta air conditioning systems. The first was an electric Solaris Urbino NE12 with the roof compact air conditioning UL500EM. Another two were: Solaris hybrid NH12 with UL 500 air conditioning and gas-powered bus - Solaris Urbino CNG nU12, equipped with the U500 unit.

- Solaris nE12 (electric) with Konvekta UL500EM
- Solaris nH12 (hybryd) with Konvekta UL500
- Solaris nU12 CNG (gas) with Konvekta UL500

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