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Konvekta and a new generation of air conditioning

Traditionally our second German partner – Konvekta company- took part in Bauma. During this trade fair in Munich Konvekta for the first time presented a new generation of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems dedicated to construction machines, which are used all over the world, regardless the weather conditions, and which are applicable in even extremely difficult conditions.

Konvekta provides intelligent air conditioning solutions for operators’ cabins used in construction, agriculture and forestry machinery and other special vehicles. Housing and other components of the air conditioning system has been made of stable technopolymer. Additionally, the applied technology of precise pressure die-casting resulted in problem- free mapping of complex shapes with high flexibility in the choice of form and surface structure. All air ducts have been optimized in terms of flow dynamics.

As a result, the air smoothly flows directly to the target. The heart of the system is semi-automatic control system that enables even distribution of air in the cabin. Additionally, there is a special system of air nozzles and vents, which is fully adjustable to the character of the cabin interior.

The structure of the system is resistant to impact and surface damage.

Components of the air conditioning system have been developed by Konvekta company in Germany. However, due to the international nature of the company, as well as due to undertakings and subsidiaries in China, Argentina, India and Turkey, this system can be produced in every location with the same high quality, the one that we were accustomed by Konvekta.

During Bauma trade fair Konvekta had opportunity to tell everyone about optimization of production lines in its factories and planned opening of a new Technology and Innovation Centre. On the production lines Konvekta implemented modern systems of material supply. They were introduced trolleys, electric drive vehicle, pallet trucks to move the components that are too big for the new trolleys and a new Kanban stand.

Also by the end of the year at Konvekta headquarters there should be open a new Technology and Innovation Centre. On two floors, apart from offices and presentation rooms there will be a control room and an exhibition and presentation area for customers and visitors. On the ground floor there will be a vehicle air conditioning chamber for vehicles to drive in, measuring a total length of 24 meters and a height of 5.5 meters that will be dedicated to the most diverse types and sizes of vehicles. Innovations introduced by Konvekta will certainly ensure the quality of products and also make a significant contribution to the optimization of the production processes.

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