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Authorized tachograph stations, Ukraine

In August, the Ukrainian partner of our Tachograph, Telematics and Vehicle Electronics Department - MetalLand company - organized a conference for its partner service stations from all over Ukraine. Our representatives were also invited to participate in this event. The leading subjects of the conference were connected with digital tachographs rel. 3.0 and 4.0, as...

Innovative telematics solutions in Budapest, MiX Telematics

Budapest was the last stop in our September calendar of trade fairs and conferences. This time we participated in the autumn meeting of the European MiX Telematics dealers. The meeting was at a very high professional level. And above all, there were presented many new solutions, which - in the coming months - will be...

ContiPressureCheck in transshipment equipment

We can say that there is no limit to the use our pressure and temperature monitoring system - ContiPressureCheck. This solution is applicable in ever new group of vehicles or machines and successfully protects the tires, whose value often exceeds several thousands or even tens of thousands of Polish zlotys.

Lately, TPMS system has...

The annual meeting of MiX Telematics dealers

After the previous November meeting of MiX Telematics dealers in Milan. Now it's time for a reunion in Madrid. The May meeting was the first one for many new dealers who have appeared in MiX Europe family after the last announcement concerning development of the sales network. The meeting was full of presentations concerning -...