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10 years at MSPO

This year we took part in MSPO Kielce for the 10th time. Our offer for the army has been increasing over the past years and new solutions were also present this year. For aviation sector, we presented our standard offer in the field of avionics, which is dedicated to helicopters, military aircrafts or unmanned aerial...

20th anniversary of Helisota company

In the Middle of July we were pleased to participate in the celebration of 20th anniversary of Helisota company– our business, Lithuanian partner from Kaunas. On this special occasion we presented our sincere congratulations to Mr. Anatolij Legenzov, the owner of Helisota.

We started cooperation with Helisota company only a year before, but...

2nd PRO-DEFENSE Trade Fair in Ostróda

Our company participated for the first time in the PRO-DEFENSE Trade Fair – an event for a broadly defined Territorial Defense Forces. Our presence in Ostróda was related to promotion of batteries dedicated to any military vehicles, in particular combat ones. We presented two types of engines

The first of these were lead-acid HAWKER ARMASAFE...

Air Picnic for all aviation Świdwin

Every year, at the beginning of summer, 21st Tactical Air Base (21. Baza Lotnictwa Taktycznego) in collaboration with the Association of Friends of the Military Airport in Świdwin organizes an Air Picnic for all aviation enthusiasts. Our company has been supporting this event for several years. For this year’s support as well as for...