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We are renewing our cooperation with L3 Commercial Aviation Solutions

Due to reorganization of L-3 Avionics Systems, Inc. in May we renewed cooperation agreement, so the portfolio of the products we offer, have significantly increased.

Since 2009, we have been cooperating with L-3 Avionics Systems. In recent years, this manufacturer of avionics has undergone significant changes. As a result, the L3 Commercial Aviation Solutions company was formed, which is part of the L-3 Technologies group. Our company has signed a cooperation agreement with two subsidiaries of L3 Commercial Aviation Solutions:

1. Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, LLC

As part of cooperation with this company, we offer products related to aviation communication and identification (aircraft Part 25/27/29 class), such as:

  • TCAS 3000SP – TCAS II anti-collision system,
  • NXT-600 – Mode S Transponder with ADS-B (Exclude Q400 a/c and MST67B Replacements),
  • NXG 900 GPS Mode S Transponder with ADS-B and GPS,
  • LYNX – a series of transponders,
  • TCAS Antennas,
  • Standalone TAWS Products,
  • ADS-B Software Products.

2. L3 Aviation Products, Inc.

  • Equipment for aircraft Part 25/27/29 class, such as:
    - Stormscope Lightning Detection System (all models),
    - Lynx MultiLink Surveillance System (all models) – Mode S Transponders with ADS-B and GPS,
    - GH – Electronic Standby Instrument System,
    - ESI – Electronic Standby Instrument System,
    - JET – Emergency Power Supplies and Electromechanical Gyros,
    - CVR/FDR (all models),
    - MADRAS – flight parameters recorders and data acquisition systems,
    - LDR flight parameters recorders for light aircraft,
    - Accelerometers,
    - QAR – Quick Access Recorder,
    - Microphones with preamplifiers,
    - Recorder Control Units,
    - PI/PII hand held Ground Support Equipment.
  • Products for Part 23 aircraft, such as:
    - WX-500 – Stormscope system,
    - ESI-500 – Electronic Standby Instrument System.

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