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Projects implemented by PART21 and PART145

From the very beginning our Part 21 Design Office and PART 145 Maintenance Organization have been involved in a number of successful projects. The most important avionics modernizations were those performed in: Robinson R44 helicopter, Socata OKL of Rzeszów University of Technology or Cirrus Sr22, and Cessna 152 aircrafts. We have lately added two more realizations being in the final stage of implementation.

Modernization of avionics in Cessna 177RG Cardinal RG

The first quite complex modernization concerned avionics in Cessna 177 and involved substituting the whole old radio navigation equipment, from 1970, with modern set of avionics. Old equipment will be replaced with the following new devices:

· Garmin GTN650 NAV/COM,
· Garmin GPS Receiver GNS430,
· Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel,
· Garmin GTX 330 transponder,
· BendixKing KR 87 ADF system with KI 227 indicator,
· BendixKing KN 62A DME system,
· BendixKing KCS 55A,
· BendixKing KI 20 VOR/LOC indicator,
· Insight G4 Engine Motor Review.

The other planned activities include installation of STEC 55X autopilot. All necessary documents, including the Certification Plan, drawing documentation concerning the change, test program and aircraft manual attachments were prepared by our Part 21 Design Office and then submitted to EASA as certification documentation of the modification. Due to the fact that Cessna 177 RG, in which the above-mentioned systems are installed, is licensed for IFR flights (instrument flights), EASA classified the modification as STC (Supplemental Type Certificate). These standards require us (Part 21 organization) to make additional calculations and analyses (eg. reliability analysis concerning the installed equipment or strength analysis proving that devices do not endanger security of the crew and passengers in the event of "hard" landing). Luckily, knowledge and experience of our designers allowed us to carry out required calculations and analyses, which enabled realization of the project by our PART 145 Organization.

Modernization of avionics in Cessna A185F

Modernizacja wyposażenia awionicznego samolotu Cessna A185F

The second project involved avionics modernization in Cessna aircraft from 1975 – one of two such aircrafts flying at present in Poland. The Part 21 Office's work on this project included drawing documentation, calculations concerning the position of the centre of gravity, energy balance for new equipment, and preparation of test and completion program for on-board and maintenance documentation: the Operation Manual, the Maintenance Manual, and the Continuing Airworthiness Manual. Our PART 21 Office has designed a new instrument panel and the bottom fuse and switch panel. The new project involves installation of:

· Integrated Garmin G500 glasskockpit avionics,
· Dual NAV / COM.GPS with touch screen GTN 750,
· GTX 33ES Remote Transponder (Extender Squitter),
· GMA 35 Audio Panel,
· EDM 930 by J.P. Instruments – an engine data display and monitoring system,
· WX-500 Stormscope by L-3 - Lightning Warning System.

As soon as the project was approved and the modification was certified, the Part 145 organization started disassembly of the old original equipment, gyroscope, engine indicators, instrument panel, and started work on the implementation of changes (new fuse panel and instrument cluster switch). The fuse and switch panel is made of material scattering light from the fiber optic network? that will provide a basis for the new lighting/dimming system for instruments and inscriptions in the aircraft. Works aimed at installation of new equipment will be completed at the beginning of May. The second phase of work will soon be followed by installation of Garmin Garmin TAS GTS 800 anti-collision system and Bendix / King KN 63 firmy Bendix/King rangefinder..

The last system that is missing on the plane, and which the customer also takes into account, is the S-TEC twin axle autopilot. We hope to install it in the near future. A similar configuration, as in case of this Cessna, will be applied in the second plane purchased by the same customer - Cessna 206 with original equipment from a few decades ago.

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