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Meeting of BendixKing dealers in Prague

Apart from our company there were representatives of other companies, among them Scandinavian Avionics and Avionic Straubing, who arrived in Prague.

For a few years our partner Bendix/King has organized meetings of the company dealers. The goal is to sum up fulfillment of sales plans, present current trends, determine new goals and analyze feedback from the market. This year there were 6 companies from Europe invited in order to discuss already finalized projects and those that are expected in the near future. This group included our company.

The top subject was of course TCAS II upgrade to version 7.1 – in this case upgrade of TPU 67A Bendix/King Bendix/King processor software. There is not much time left till December, but the manufacturer still offers beneficial upgrade programs in different completion variant – core shipment or exchange.

Another subject of the meeting was STC and Minor Change certification, which is the best marketing argument when selling a new product in aviation and a document strictly required by EASA. We are pleased to inform that our company as one of 3 companies participating in this meeting will take part in party refunded, ordered by Bendix/ King STC and Minor Change development projects for new solutions. This decision was influenced by a constant development of our own projects and approvals in this scope that we can be proud of.

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