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IMPROVED SOLUTION – the headsets hooks for Robinson R44 users

We are pleased to inform all readers that our company has patented the headset hooks for Robinson R44 helicopter which was subsequently 3D printed by our Part 145. Our designers developed and printed out this solution by the specific request of Customer – the user of Robinson R44 helicopter.

We can provide such services thanks to a Stratasys 3D printer – Fortus 450MC purchased a few months ago. We can make very accurate prototypes printed in FDM technology.

In addition to standard materials such as ABS-M30, ABS-ESD7, ASA and materials for industrial printing - PC, PC-ABS, PC-ISO, or Nylon12, we are also able to print from high quality and high strength materials such as ULTEM 9085, ULTEM 1010 and ST130. The latter meets the most strict material criteria required by the aerospace industry and regulatory agencies.

Headset hooks are made of certified material ULTEM 9085. For the Robinson helicopter family we made two types of hooks: for the pilot and front passenger and two for the rear passengers. The new hooks are more functional than factory-mounted hooks. They allow not only easier and more ergonomic attachment of the headset, but also convenient suspension of the voice control unit, which is now close to the ear. In addition, the design of the hook allows comfortable hanging of the jacket. Hooks can also be personalized - including company logo, etc.

The modern CAD software, 3D scanner and 3D printer owned by our company allow to design and manufacture any additional equipment in a quick and effective way.

With the help of our designers and engineers from the Part 145 and Part 21 Organizations, we can make every individual solution requested by the Customer, and we are also able to obtain civil aviation approval for the components made.