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Drabpol became a representative of Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd.

After a period of bilateral talks, meetings and market research, our company has signed an agency agreement with Israeli company Bet Shemesh Engines Limited (BSEL), dealing among other things repair of engines for military and civil aviation, becoming an official

The signing of the contract was preceded by a visit of our delegation at the motor plant in Bet Shemesh, Israel, aimed check out with the company's capabilities and its full offer.

The mutual agreement is the result of meeting the expectations of the Polish Armed Forces in support of the operation of military aircraft equipped with engines of Western production, for which the Polish aerospace industry has not yet competence in the scope of intermediate
level maintenance and repair of modules and entire engines.

A barrier to diversification of the support sources of F100 engines is the limitations imposed by the United States, which is due to the need for the service company to maintain or repair the State Department's consent in the form of a Technical Assistant Agreement (TAA).
Such a document is currently being carried out and its obtaining will allow BSEL to perform work on Polish engines F100.

Why Drabpol – BSEL?

BSEL is one of the world's leading companies dealing with engine repair for military and civilian aviation. It supports the Israeli Air Force, providing them with a high readiness for F-16 aircraft. They have experience in cooperation with the military, as most of the staff of both the company and the technical company began their careers in the world of military aviation, and some are still its active reserves. In the air force, the company is known for its high quality and short working dates.

This quality is also demonstrated by ISO 9001, AS 9100, FAA -repair station, EASA, Pratt & Whitney engine manufacturers for F100 and General Electric engines for T700 engines and air force approvals from different countries. Looking for a business partner, BSEL drew attention to our great competence and action for the defence and civil aviation industry.

We ensure that the products, materials and services we offer are delivered in accordance with applicable standards, standards, using appropriate procedures and in accordance with our permissions and certificates. These include the Quality Management System PN-EN ISO 9001:2001, Certificate of Conformity of the Functioning of the Internal Control System, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
Concession authorising the trading of goods, services and technologies of strategic importance, AQAP Certificate 2110:2006, TRACE Certificate and NATO NCAGE 0733H Certificate. The Drabpol structure also contains a specially extracted cell, which is the Secret Office, which is responsible for proper recording, storage, circulation and release of materials to authorized persons, thus ensuring the protection of information Classified.


Bet Shemesh Engines Limited (BSEL) was established in 1968 as a manufacturer of jet engine parts. In addition to the production of engine parts, it carries out repairs of aircraft engines and supports customers with minor repairs of modules.

BSEL consist of 4 divisions:

  • Production
  • Foundry
  • Research and Development
  • Repair

Production department – implements the mechanical machining of large round parts, such as rotor blades and discs of turbine and compressor wheels, and is responsible for the manu-facture of sheet metal elements such as flame stabilisers, injector assemblies, etc.

Foundry department – deals with the casting of compressor blades and turbines from the so-called superalloys and vanes and nozzles for the following aircraft engines: PW4000, V2500, APS 2300, APS 2800, APS 3200, APS 5000, PWC 210, PWC 306,PWC 307, PWC 545 and others.

Research and Development department - designs gas turbines, modules and engine parts using the most advanced manufacturing technologies. It offers the development, modification and production of turbine engines for engines with a thrust of 150 to 1200 pounds.

Repair – overhaul works – oriented mainly to the security of military aviation, realizing engine repairs for the air forces of Brazil, Thailand, Greece, Colombia, the Philippines, Ecuador and others, while retaining the full readiness to support the Israeli Air Force.

It carries out servicing, refurbishment and upgrades of the following engines:

  • Pratt & Whitney – F100 series,
  • Pratt & Whitney – PT6 series,
  • General Electric – T700 series,
  • Rolls-Royce : Alison series M250
  • And their modules, devices and
    engines for UAV.

The main, implemented modernisation programmes are the modernisation of the F100-100 engine for the DPI/220E configuration and the T700 engine for the 701C/D configuration. The PT-6, T-700 and RR-250 engines are also used in civil aircraft. As a result, BSEL also has the appropriate civil aviation certificates and engines renovated for civil aircraft receive the appropriate documents after the renovation.

Most of the repairs and overhauls of devices are carried out on the spot on the basis of technologies such as: machining, shot blasting, heat treatment, welding, brazing, galvanic treatment and coating of metallic coatings-plasma sputting, HVOF supersonic spraying and Sermetel method, computerized flow measurement, static and dynamic balancing, and non-destructive testing conducted in various methods. The Department also have jet engine test-beds up to 35000 pounds of thrust and turboshaft to 2500 HP.

BSEL's personnel are mainly specialists experienced in the military aviation of Israel, and many of them, as we have already mentioned are still active reservists, constant trained by both the military and industrial leaders such as Pratt & Whitney or General Electric Aviation.