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AEA European Regional Meeting in Barcelona

All the training we took part in during convention in Barcelona only strengthened our knowledge acquired during AEA meeting in Dallas.

AEA Regional Meeting in Barcelona was a continuation of American Convention. This year meeting mostly focused on training sessions. Product trainings were run by avionics equipment manufacturers like Garmin, Bendix King by Honeywell, Avidyne, Trig Avionics or Cobhan who turned out to be our business partners at the same. Garmin presented integrated systems NAV/COM/GPS– G500/G600 for modernizations of avionics while Avidyne presented new generation of GPS/NAV/COM FMS systems. Avidyne’s training also covered radios including hybrid systems NAV/COM/GPS IFD 540 and IFD 440 (classic buttons + touch screen), transponder Mode S with ADS-B Out AXP 430 and audio-panel AMX 240.

Apart from product training we also took part in technical training covering problem solving with autopilots (S-TEC), as well as in one day SMS training and training devoted to European Aviation Law news. Our whole avionic team took part in this training sessions. Since many year we are the only Polish company which regularly participates in trainings organized during AEA conventions both in USA and Europe.

Honeywell PolandBendixKing Polska by Honeywell