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Welcome to Aviation Department

DRABPOL Avionics

Drabpol has operated on the Polish market for over 30 years. From the beginning of its activity the company has operated in the sector of products supporting passive and active safety in transportation. In order to achieve the required aim, which is primarily to provide the customers with products, that bring measurable effects in the form of savings in the possibly shortest time, we have created a team of over 70 people. For coordination and in order to facilitate their work the following procedures have been implemented in our company: PN – EN ISO 9001:2009 and AQAP 2110:2006.

Drabpol, plane

Operating as a VAR company (Value Added Reseller) and being a general importer and dealer of many international concerns, among others Honeywell, Garmin, Rockwell Collins we do not only sell products, but we also provide design, installation, training, cable manufacturing, repairs and advisory so that all recipients of our products know that they bought a custom tailored solution for their needs.

The Aviation Department (Avionics) is the youngest unit at Drabpol. Its appearance in our company’s structure had a close connection with our president’s passion. It is well known that anything created from passion and with passion is perfect. It is very much the same with our avionics department. It has appeared on Polish economic scene in order to fill in the gap in this quickly developing market.

Until Drabpol has started to create a team of excellent technicians, there had been no true avionics company in Poland. It has been for the needs of all those who had their aircraft fixed abroad that the avionics department started to develop. At the moment it is in possession of top modern equipment, that allows the aircraft owners to have a wide range of repairs and inspections performed with no necessity to ship parts to Germany or even to the US. This as a result translates to saved time and money.

our competence

Drabpol, PART 21
We created the first in Poland design office that provides services in the scope of designing changes in avionics equipment on aircraft.

Drabpol, PART 145
PART 145
We offer a comprehensive technical avionics maintenance of General and Business Aviation aircraft.

dział awioniki
A detailed components and manufacturers list and at the same our service offer for each of them is available for download here.

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The future of avionics in the coming 10 years:

  • The future of avionics in the coming 10 years
    Avionics of the future? Beginning of the year always brings some reflections, analysis and deliberation of the new that is to come. All this also applies to fast developing electronics and IT technologies. To be honest, a modern aircraft can be treated as a mechatronic product which compiles fast growing fields of mechanics, electronics and IT. In the coming 2015 read more...
  • Future of avionics – Matt Carrico, Rockwell Collins
    Rockwell Collins Avionics MATT CARRICO - Senior Engineering Manager, Rockwell Collins I think the airplane in 2025 is clearly going to have excellent communication on the line ground – crew - passengers. All the communication services we are beginning to hear about today will have, in the future, the bandwidth we cannot even imagine. Such communication will allow the crew read more...
  • Future of Avionics – Andy Drexler, Honeywell Aerospace
    Honeywell Avionics ANDY DREXLER - Director of Marketing / Product Management – Cockpit Systems, Honeywell Aerospace We’ve seen a lot of changes during the past 10 years, and I think it’s going to accelerate in the coming decade. One of the big changes - I think we’ll see soon - is focus on usability. If you look at today’s cockpits, read more...


Setting high standards for our business partners, we ourselves have to be an example of honesty. Offering to our clients many products and services, which are also provided by other companies, we know that apart from price there are other attributes of the company, which are important for clients. For us the most important are:

One of the most important factors within the company is attracting the best employees by offering them specialized trainings, good salaries and fringe benefits. Our HR Department is looking for employees who treat their work seriously and approach to their duties in a professional manner. All employees of DRABPOL are high level specialists, with appropriate competencies within their scope of duties.

We want our clients to be satisfied with our services, which have been done at the appropriate time and for a fixed price. We make every effort to solve any problem in the most efficient way. We hope that every client of Drabpol becomes our regular customer.

We strive to make our customers feel good while visiting us. We do everything possible for each client to be attended promptly and courteously. Customers are served by our staff, who has adequate knowledge of the work they are doing. Our premises, office as well as the workshops, are always clean and well organized. The atmosphere of professionalism prevails in Drabpol.

It is important for every customer to be attended according to the schedule. Our staff plans works in such a way as to meet the expectations of our customers.

As a representative of many global brands, our company guarantees excellent quality of offered products and services. All of them are subject to guarantees in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Not all problems that may occur during service works can be predicted. It may happen that during servicing accidental damage to customer-provided elements may occur. High insurance of our company allows then to solve that problem and compensate the consequences of such unfortunate event.


Code of Ethics

Drabpol, Code of Ethics
One of the most important factors in the long-term success of our company is the way we cooperate with our suppliers, customers, co-workers and competitors, as well as communities we deal with.

All employees, but in particular the management, are responsible for presenting the model of ethical conduct and promoting a work environment which encourages to follow the Code. I encourage you to get familiar with the contents of our Code of Ethics. After having read this material you will be asked to acknowledge that you have understood this Code and that you will comply with its provisions.

Our policy on ethics and standards described in this Code of Ethics are designed to promote:

• Honesty and ethical conduct in business
• Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and rules
• Honest cooperation with customers, suppliers, competitors
  and employees, including proper handling
  of confidential information

• Protection and proper use of company property
• Immediate reporting of any violations concerning law
  or rules presented in this document



Please keep in mind that you are personally obliged to report any infringements or violations and you will never be punished for that. It is your watchfulness that will keep DRABPOL’s reputation as the company of the highest level of ethical standards, distinctive human potential and high quality of available products and services

This Code of Ethics provides guidelines on how to conduct oneself and refers to everyone in DRABPOL company, regardless of their position and level of responsibility, as well as each person acting on behalf of DRABPOL.

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