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Avionics, Competence

DRABPOL Value Added Company
Operating as a VAR company (Value Added Reseller) and being a general importer and dealer of many international concerns, among others Honeywell, Garmin, Rockwell Collins we do not only sell products, but we also provide design, installation, training, cable manufacturing, repairs and advisory so that all recipients of our products know that they bought a custom tailored solution for their needs.

Tests and evaluations
- PART 145 -

We offer services in the scope of avionics tests on aircraft and evaluation of components removed from aircraft. We have modern test equipment that allows for quick checks and troubleshooting of complete systems or individual units.

- PART 145 -

We repair components in our fixed maintenance base and in a specially customized mobile laboratory. Thanks to that we are able to take care of a fault on aircraft in a complex way – from evaluation, through removal to repair at the customer’s.

- PART 145 -

Thanks to our own line maintenance and hangar base we perform installations of avionic equipment, among others: radio-navigation units, transponders, instruments, TAS/TCAS I/II collision avoidance systems, weather radars and lightning detection systems, GPS systems and others.

Designs and modernizations
- PART 21 -

A dynamic development of technology and a rich offer of manufacturers have induced a substantial need for services connected with aircraft modernization with new avionic equipment. The goal is to increase not only the comfort of pilots but also flight safety.


We offer trainings for pilots and aviation engineers in the scope of operating of avionic equipment and complete integrated systems. We have our own training class in Warsaw, demo equipment and knowledge acquired from manufacturers, competence and experience.

Professional Advice

Service life of each aircraft is even 5 times longer than its equipment’s. This refers mainly to old electromechanical devices with old construction that no longer meets current requirements regarding basic equipment of aircraft.

Certificates and Capabilities

Drabpol is constantly and actively concerned about quality assurance, so that all marketing, service and technical activities for aviation meet applicable specifications, manuals as well as regulations and standards established by applicable authorities.


As a dealer of leading avionics manufacturers in the world, we are always up to date with new products, system solutions or scheduled changes. Thus, we share our knowledge and explain operation rules of new systems and those the operation idea of which is worth to be reminded.

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