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What’s new at IAA?

We are present at the IAA event in Hannover every 2 years. Traditionally, we support our partners at their stands in meetings and talks with our clients, both from Poland and abroad.

For the first time, we were present at the stand of DANA company, which over three months ago became the owner of our partner TM4 – an engine manufacturer. DANA produces, among others, drive axles and this time it has presented two new axles, equipped with traction motors and TM4 inverters.

IAA 2018

Visitors could also see a new TM4 engine from Motive series, which is dedicated to passenger cars and a new bidirectional charger inverter BCI20, which will soon be available on the European market.

Continental Polska

IAA trade fair is always a premier place for new products of our partner. And it was the same this year.

Continental's Tachograph Department presented a brand new, the first in history, intelligent digital tachograph - driver's time management over the Europe, including Poland, will be based on this tachograph. Additionally, Continental VDO presented an auxiliary equipment for the diagnostic tool dedicated to DTCO 4.0 WorkshopTab, which will also be necessary for opera- ting tachographs in service stations.

mFAP, IAA 2018

Department of Vehicle Electronics presented the latest driver's workplace – mFAP - in combination with a new KIBES 5 and Mux-5.

KIBES5, IAA 2018

Products from KIBES5 family (ZR5-A / MUX5-B), that is the successor of KIBES32 series, will be produced from October 2018. One of the biggest hits of this year's IAA event were photovoltaic cells - created only within 5 months in cooperation with the IAM department. They provide power supply for semi-trailers and tractors. The above mentioned IAM department, which provides solutions dedicated to aftermarket, has also demonstrated a new series of radios, with VDO logo. New radios are dedicated to special vehicles, buses, coaches and lorries. It is a return to the roots. Radios under the Continental brand, with different functionality, still remain in the company's offer.

Also a new Continental radar system attracted great interest of the visitors. It was presented in a unique way – through incorporating VR technology.

Konvekta Polska

Innovative HVAC systems for electric buses
At this year's IAA event in Hannover, Konvekta focused on electromobility – by presenting the in series manufactured Konvekta CO2 Heat Pump for the first time. The system, which is manufactured exclusively in series, enables ecological and economical vehicle thermal management. The classical air conditioning of the interior of the bus consists of the area of the driver and the passengers.
In electromobility, there are additional challenges arising for thermal management since even auxiliary units have to be air conditioned. An electric bus produces no waste heat on its own, which could be used for heating up the passenger compartment, and hence, for example, convector heaters or even under-seat heaters have to be 100% supplied by the thermal management system.

Energy required for this purpose can be recovered either from fossil fuel, by additional electric components or – as the most efficient solution – from a CO2 Heat Pump.

KONVEKTA CO2, premiera na IAA, prezentacja produktu

The system based on a heat pump, operated with the refrigerant CO2 is the most environment friendly and effective option. It can both heat as well as cool and thus provide air conditioning for city buses in Central Europe for the entire year.

KL46SE for electric buses
Another novelties at Konvekta's stand were KL46SE and KL46TE compact units – lightweight roof-mounted units with electric compressors for trolleybuses, as well as for battery and hybrid buses. These air conditioning units have a high cooling power of 22 kW and ensure comfortable conditions, even at temperatures up to 45 ̊C The KL46SE variant is specially developed for regions with extreme environmental and weather conditions and has a resistant copper condenser. The KL46TE is fitted with a micro-channel heat exchanger.

KONVEKTA Taurus, premiera na IAA, prezentacja produktu

At the IAA event there was also a premiere of TAURUS. This new series is specially developed for applications in hot regions with outdoor temperatures up to 55 ̊C. Which characterizes TAURUS line is the robust construction and cooling power of 43 kW.

TM4 Polska, napędy elektryczne do autobusówContinental PolskaKonvekta Polska