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This summer, our company started cooperation with DAMIRO /Midura Group. Our new partner specializes in the sale and service of seats manufactured by the leading European companies dedicated to trucks, buses, road machinery, rail vehicles, construction and specialist vehicles.

DAMIRO / Midura Group is an official dealer and authorized service centre of ISRI company. Seats of this make are fitted in vehicles of such producers as: VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES, MAN, DAF, IVECO, RENA-ULT, BOVA, NEOPLAN, SETRA, SOLARIS and IRIZAR. The company has a large selection of parts and accessories for seats. In this respect, the company still broadens its portfolio with new components. This development resulted in cooperation of our companies in the field of equipping driver's seat with USB charger – a solution that has been successfully applied in buses, trams and trains for many years. First seats equipped with USB chargers have been installed in PKP SKM Trójmiasto. These are test seats and their task is to check the applicability of the ready solution in a given type of vehicle. Initially, for test purposes DAMIRO/Midura Group company equipped a seat on NEWAG Impuls vehicle, however at the request of PKP SKM, the device has been finally installed in a seat on EN 71 vehicle.

The USB charger makes work of train drivers much easier because their contact with the dispatcher through the radio is not always possible, and thanks to the USB port they are able to keep the phone always ready. It translates into elimination of stress related to the lack of connectivity, which most of us have certainly experienced. We would like to thank DAMIRO / Midura Group for participation in the joint project. For our part, we stay fully ready for further cooperation.