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Service facilities for domestic customers of CURTISS-WRIGHT

In the previous issue of our newsletter, we have widely presented our new partner, American company, Curtiss-Wright. It is worth reminding that due to our agreement with its Industrial Division, we have expanded our product offer by the electronic systems for all kinds of vehicles.

The next stage of the established cooperation was a few day training on a wide range of CW products. The training dedicated to our representatives took place in the European headquartes of Curtiss-Wright in Christchurch, Great Britain, in November. During the training, strong emphasis was placed on three main product groups such as: electronic throttle controls, joysticks and transmission shifters.

The first group was briefly presented in our latest newsletter. Therefore, now we would like to focus on transmission shift controllers and joysticks, which we had a chance to learn during the training. Curtiss–Wright has been providing a world-class transmission shift controllers for many years. These products are characterized by an excellent design, which is often created in a close cooperation
with the constructors working for vehicle manufacturers, as well as remarkable durability and precision of operation running into millions of cycles of use.

The main recipients of these systems are manufacturers of construction, agricultural and special machinery, trucks and buses, as well as material handling vehicles. Due to proprietary constructional solutions these devices cooperate with engines/motors of all of the world's largest companies. They enable electrical, electronical and hydraulic control of transmission shifters. Transmission shift controllers have a stylish, ergonomic design and robust and damage resistant construction. Their production complies with ISO standards.

Our new partner is also a world leader in the construction and production of joysticks and manipulators used by vehicle manufacturers – from large mining and construction machinery to specialized on-road and agricultural vehicles or recreational vehicles and
medical transport. Also in this case Curtiss-Wright closely cooperates with OEM manufacturers providing devices that are precisely
tailored and meet all requirements, and enabling even selection of icons, indicator lights or the colors of joystick buttons. CW devices use non- contact sensors based on Hall-effect which ensure them long service life and reliability, even in extremely difficult conditions.
The joysticks are primarily intended for installation in specialized vehicles, especially where reliability and durability are crucial, e.g. platforms for working in open air.

These simple and easy-to-use devices ensure high mechanical strength – even a record number of 40 million working cycles under difficult conditions. All constructions, before they are approved for manufacturing and receive the appropriate certificate, are extensivelly tested in a specialistic laboratory. The entire course of deliveries, assembly and subsequent servicing are watched over by a global network of 45 technical partners - including our company.

Thanks to an intensive training course our team is fully prepared for both commercial and technical ativities. We offer any assistance in the field of comprehensive device selection, as well as support during assembly and first start-ups. We also provide service facilities and after-sales support.

Please send any e-mail inquiries concerning new Curtiss-Wright products to our special address: cw@drabpol.pl