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Second time at BUSWORLD

Two years ago we made our debut as an exhibitor on the largest and most important bus fair in the Word – “BUSWORLD”. This year we were present for the second time. This year's fair took place for the first time in Brussels, and not in Kortrijk as before.


At our stand, we presented our own solutions for comprehensive and professional technical integration, dedicated to both bus manufacturers and public transport companies. These services are provided by our Departament Research & Development Department which has developed a visualization of all necessary information on the dashboard's digital displays for such manufacturers as Ursus Bus, Autosan, Autobox and AMZ. The complete design of dashboard – an initialization screen with password or graphics, an arrangement of indicators, etc. is always tailored to the particular users needs. An integration of systems supporting driver's and passengers safety with dashboard is possible thanks to our proprietary MPCB technology that allows to combine the solutions of the independent manufacturers into the one system. The R&D Department also integrates the electrical drive and train systems. We rely on the components of our Canadian partner DANA TM4 (also present at Busworld) such as: motor, inverter, controller and control software. We choose the rest of the components.

At Busworld we have also presented this year's novelty for the first time in our offer - comprehensive 3D printing service by the company's Design Office. Our office, supported by a park of 3D printers, provides services in the manufacturing of parts with industrial quality. It is an advanced manufacturing system based on FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. Thanks to servo drives and a working chamber heated to 2000o C, we can manufacture highly specialized tools as well as functional, durable prototypes.

Most importantly, the Design Office creates the comprehensive projects – from creating from scratch a 3D model on professional software,
working with 3D printing technology, to print the product with final processing. As one of the few companies in Poland, we also have a full material license for all types of prints that meet applicable standards for the aeronautical industry, medical applications and intended for contact with food.

Our stand, and thus the solutions we presented this year, enjoyed a great interest from visitors to the fair. We were pleased to host representatives of such companies as Autosan, Solaris, NYSA, Automet, Tribus, Rafako, Temsa, Ebusco, Continental, as well as Polish public transport companies from Piła, Inowroclaw, Poznań and Zielona Góra.

Continental Polska

busworld 2019Our automotive strategic partner – Continental confirmed at the fair with its strong position on the bus market, where there are currently many administrative requirements imposed on both drivers and bus carriers. Continental has been trying to meet these requirements for years, thanks to many years of experience in the field of electronics and software as well as solutions that ensure both safety and comfort of driving.

We mean the ergonomic workplace of the driver – mFAP, presented at the German manufacturer's stand. Not coincidentally this stand was located in close proximity to our exhibition. On the basis of mFAP, we provide services in the field of integration and implementation of systems used in public transport, with the simultaneous design of the displays used in it.

A new full preview system around the second generation ProViu 360 has appeared at Busworld. The official premiere of this solution is to take place at the end of March 2020. The new version of the system is to be even more adapted to current capabilities and bring numerous additional benefits to its users. We are looking forward to this premiere. Traditionally, Continental has already presented the 5th generation on-board electronics system, multifunction displays and the ContiPressureCheck system.

Konvekta Polska

busworld 2019At this year's Busworld Konvekta promoted the HEAT2GO that is energy-saving heating of electric buses. It is a joint solution of Konvekta and the Fraunhofer Institute for Transport Systems and Infrastructure. HEAT2GO is a modular heat storage system with fast charging function for city electric buses. The heat accumulator absorbs thermal energy in a short period of time caused by changing the state of matter from solid to liquid. The accumulated thermal energy is constantly transferred during the drive to the driver's workplace, passenger space, as well as other additional receivers depending on temperature. The system does not use energy from on-board batteries. Thanks to the modular design, the performance can be adjusted in accordance with the various requirements of the customers.

Molpir Polska

busworld 2019This Slovak company presented its comprehensive offer of induction chargers. It could be
seen installed on a table with additional USB and USB-C chargers. After the New Year, the induction charger will also have railway approvals. The USB chargers currently use the fastest and most efficient charging technology. - Qualcomm Technologies Quick Charge 3.0., allowing the mobile device to select the required power level at any time. Molpir also presented aluminum housings for USB chargers, making them more resistant to damage caused during operation in the public transport. The multimedia solutions were also present, such as the Funtoro multimedia system with accessories, cameras and mobile vehicle recorders.

TM4 Polska, napędy elektryczne do autobusów

busworld 2019DANA TM4presented two new products at its stand. The first was the electric-hydraulic power steering system, the second was the portal axle, dedicated to buses. The latter was supplemented by the MD series Sumo engine. Of course, Busworld is a great opportunity to promote electric motors for buses from the Sumo family, which consists of 11 drive system options. DANA TM4 solutions are used in school buses, 12-meter long buses or articulated buses around the world, including our country.

Continental PolskaKonvekta Polska
Molpir PolskaTM4 Polska, napędy elektryczne do autobusówFuntoro Polska