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SCANIA POLSKA ready for DTCO® 4.0

Although the official premiere of the new intelligent tachograph was set in the mid-June, DTCO 4.0 could be found in new vehicles offered by the dealers for several weeks.

As we have repeatedly written, DTCO 4.0 is a completely new standard of tachographs, that requires appropriate diagnostic tools to provide full service and compliance with the existing legal regulations.

The only such tool that currently meets all these criteria on the European market is WorkshopTab manufactured by Continental VDO. We are pleased to inform that another company, that trusted our solutions, is Scania Polska.

In the first half of the year, we supplied our client with a dozen of WorkshopTab devices. They allowed Scania to meet all legal requirements in terms of equipment in accordance with regulations concerning intelligent tachograph. In addition to delivery of equipment , we also conducted trainings in the field of DTCO 4.0 tachograph and WorkshopTab operation.

All Scania customers can be positive that their vehicles equipped with new DTCO 4.0 tachographs have been thoroughly checked by trained and competent technicians, with the right devices to operate intelligent tachographs.

Continental Polska