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NYSA-DRABPOL – joint project

This summer, we started cooperation with NYSA Zakład Pojazdów S.A. Its goal is the implementation of the project in the field of supply of components and technologies for emerging NYSA prototypes.

Nysa proceeded to start the production of modern, fully electric vans in N1 class, up to 3.5 tonnes DMC, equipped with many innovative technical solutions. Our partner in the implementation of this project is the Rational Motion GMBH company from Germany. The Nysa brand itself has already existed for several dozen years. Many of our Readers associate it with light vans, which for decades (until 2003), have been produced in the city of the same name. Nysa vehicles could be found practically on the streets of every Polish town.

The current Nysa Zakład Pojazdów S.A company has been founded in 2014 on the basis of Wrocław company Smirnow Truck providing maintenance
services for vehicles up to 12 t. The company's headquarters is in Wrocław. Although the place of production has changed, the Nysa brand has been preserved. The new vehicles were entirely designed from scratch and their production has already started.

The entire process is carried out using NCBiR resources (Narodowe Centrum Badania i Rozwoju - The National Centre for Research and development ).

We would like to thank Nysa for the opportunity to participate in this unusual project.