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From June 15, 2019, vehicles over 3.5 metric tons must be fitted with a new-generation digital tachograph – DTCO 4.0®.
The above date results from the EU regulation 165/2014, which aims to improve road safety and prevent the manipulation of digital tachographs.

DTCO 4.0 tachograph is a completely new solution, that enables:

  • Fast and simple commissioning with “plug & play” capability,
  • Automatic positioning with GNSS,
  • Save more time with inspections via DSRC remote communication,
  • Standardized ITS interface for fleet management systems,
  • Fewer auto repair shop visits thanks to DTCO® Configuration App,
  • The new KITAS 4.0 motion sensor for communication between the speed sensor and the digital tachograph.

We were training the first service centers in the field of DTCO 4.0® maintenance in March. These services, in addition to the essential knowledge on a new device, also have the necessary service equipment to operate it – WorkshopTab 4.0 – as for now the only tool ready to work with Continental and Stoneridge intelligent tachographs.

Technical training on DTCO 4.0 and Workshop tab 4.x at Continental headquarters.

We still actively take part in trainings devoted to DTCO 4.0®, organized by the device manufacturer, because we think that knowledge in this topic is never too much.

For this reason, at the end of June, our representatives from the Tachographs department went to the Continental headquarters in Villingen for another training on DTCO 4.0® and peripherals to operate it.

The training presented comprehensive informationin in thefield of DTCO 4.0® GNSS, new KITAS 4.0 (2185) motion sensors, technical documentation and CAN bus connection. There was also a focus on issues related to the programming of universal tachographs. Attention was also paid to legal issues (EU) No 799/2016 and 502/2018 and further plans related to this.

On the next day, the manufacturer presented the detailed information on WorkshopTab and maintenance of Stoneridge and Efas tachographs. In order to meet the changes regarding equipping vehicles from M1N1 category, a new adapter meeting legal requiremets has been presented.

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