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MultiViu Professional Plug ‘N Play

We have been cooperating with Autosan company, one of the leading bus manufacturers, for over 30 years. In connection with technological progress, application of new hardware and programming solutions, our Development and Support Department, together with the constructors from Autosan, created a prototype of the latest driver's desktop. The desktop meets the requirements of recipients, i.e. drivers, service centers and public transport management, and complies with very advanced HMI directives (Human Machine Interface).

We have jointly developed a 12-inch display dedicated to different types of buses and drives, which are used by Autosan. What is important all has been included in one program. The application was based on ZI emulation. This proprietary solution of our engineers has been created from scratch for over 7 months. Now it allows to replace the standard MOKI board with the modern MultiViu Professional, on the Plug and Play basis. The enables full mapping of all Menus, previously used by Autosan in DMUX, all standard menus, written in accordance with ZI emulation, as well as Properitary Menu, created individually in CAVTAN, such as tire pressure mask, vehicle charging mask, pressure mask for braking systems, service masks. Of course, taking care of the highest quality of our products and solutions, we did not leave our colleagues from Autosan without our support concerning new solution.

Integracja MVP

In order to check the quality of connections, the logic of the entire system, the prototype FAP (Driver's Workplace) was installed in parallel with the existing desktop. During road tests, we compared the indications on the proven and produced for years MOKI with the new MVP.

Łukasz Gładysiewicz, Autosan    
"We are very happy that there are such companies as Drabpol on the Polish market. Sooner or later, in order to exist on the market, every manufacturer will introduce displays, and we are pleased that we received a ready-made solution that works and is fully compatible with the program, which I have been developing and unifying in all ways for years. So far, we have been forced to use a lot of menus in DMUX. Now, thanks to MVP display with much better resolution, the driver’s Menu has been reduced to the absolute minimum. This is related to safety and – of course – ergonomics of a driver’s workplace. From the next year, we aim to equip all buses in MVP, in standard, and thanks to Drabpol, we can focus on other technical aspects, such as: integration with electrical drives. We are confident about our software, which has been developed for dozens of years and we do not have to concentrate on the new machine code to service the vehicle."

Łukasz Gładysiewicz
Leader of Electrical Installations Construction Team


All indications and parameters have been accurately and correctly mapped. This is a very important experience to all of us, which confirms the legitimacy of using ZI emulation - a tool which allows users to conveniently move to a higher technical level without the need to rewrite and re-create the machine code for servicing the bus. Here we simply use the previously written program, with its macros and modules. Thus, the process of creation and design is shortened to the necessary minimum and does not disturb the course of standard work in the plant. We visualized the vehicle on the menu stop and improved the quality of the icons in relation to the current standard Autosan DMUX. We personalized pictograms, bargraphs and applied a variety of masks that we had jointly thought over.

The possibilities offered by the MVP hardware solution (multifunction display) along with the proprietary software of our company have also been used to visualize messages and warnings from the system which constantly monitors tire pressure and temperature. As a standard, such a system is equipped with a separate monitor, but we integrated it with the display. Thanks to this, the driver receives the necessary data in the most physiological way, directly on the desktop, without having to search for information in the cabin. Thus, we provide him with maximum focus, which translates into the safety for both driver and passengers.

We would like to thank Autosan Management Board for placing its trust in us, its faith in our competences and capabilities, as well as the fruitful and constructive cooperation of our teams. Involvement of both the Autosan constructors and Drabpol engineers from Development and Support Department resulted in the joint success of our project, which we can officially announce today.

We are preparing for KIBES5, and another version of the software will be released soon.

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