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Debate on Electromobilty

At the invitation of IGKM (Chamber of Commerce Urban Transport) we went to Katowice to take part in the Impact Mobility Revolution conference, which was dedicated to innovative technologies in the field of electromobility. IGKM was a substantive partner of the Katowice conference, which was attended by representatives of governmental entities, research centers, universities and the business community. Bus manufacturers were represented by companies such as Volvo Bus & Coach and Ursus Bus.

President of URSUS S.A. Mr. Karol Zarajczyk gave a speech on electric and electric-hydrogen buses, and widely understood e-mobility, which met with great interest.

As from the start of cooperation with TM4, a producer of electric motors, our company has been taking part in various projects connected with electromobility and zero-emission transport. During the conference our representatives were taking part in numerous discussions and workshops. It was emphasized that electromobility, a technology of tomorrow, brings many economic and social benefits. This includes development of industry and technology, new services, increased energy security, or a significant improvement in air quality. The conference addressed a number of issues related to vehicles of different kinds: combined and autonomous, electric and hydrogen-powered, and other issues connected with sustainable urban mobility and natural environment.

The main objective of the meeting in Katowice was to encourage the invited communities to cooperate with each other, exchange views and to indicate the sources of government support for such initiatives. To a large extent, these goals have been achieved.

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