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Comprehensive and professional technical integration

As from 1st of January 2019, we divided our Development & Support Department into two separate units. The main purpose of the change was separation of works connected with development from the support services offered to the OEM market customers. Thus, we created an independent Research & Development Department, whose role we would like to present. The second unit – Support Department remains a part of the OEM Distribution Department.

Research&Development Department

At present, the autonomous Research & Development Department is responsible for works in the field of low and high voltage solutions, as well as for partial solutions concerning vehicle autonomy. The department consists of engineers specializing in electronics, IT, robotics and mechanics, who have completed specialist commercial and technical training courses. The team also involves graphic designers and technicians providing service background.

Main tasks of the R&D Department:

  • Development of information visualizations necessary for the drivers, operators and engine drivers, on the displays (measurement of: vehicle, engine, additional equipment).
  • Creation of firmware.
  • Solving problems related to programming of hardware or displays.
  • Designing and implementation of electrical wire harness - based on CAN solutions.
  • Adaptation of ready software.
  • Production of interfaces and controllers.
  • Supporting of design, technology and engineering offices, IT departments of external companies as well as our Support for OEM.
Comprehensive and professional technical integration Research&Development Department

The scope of services performed by R&D Department is very wide. It covers production, repairs, creation of software, trainings, granting permissions, consultancy as well as design consultancy and services.


R&D Department produces devices for its own projects, tailored to the specific clients needs (so called „tailor-made solu-tions”), as well as specific products for research – from creation of electrical wire harness, electronic boards, interfaces, controllers, PDUs. Another innova-tion is manufacturing products on a 3D printer and milling of materials.


One of the main activities of this department is creation of software in the field of low and high voltage solutions. We develop such software by ourselves, on behalf of or together with the construction departments of our clients.


One of the Department's main tasks is to develop a design of dedicated information that can be shown on the 4 ", 7", 10"and 12.3" displays. In order to meet specific requirements of the OEM contractor, including personalization, corresponding to the OEM brand or dedicated purpose of the display, we can make the whole programming in different languages. Our developments have been used, among others, by companies such as: Autobox, Ursus Bus, Autosan, Farmtrak, Banke Electromotive, AMZ.


In cooperation with our service, we repair heads of supplied devices, air conditioning units for rail vehicles – in a comprehensive range of services, FAP Driver's Workplace, displays and components of vehicle electronics. We guarantee high quality services due to the access to the manufacturers' documentation, specialized testing equipment (built by our own), possible simulation the device's operating environment, use of high quality tools and access to original spares.

From our side we offer:
- development of an individual design of board pattern,
- finding, together with the vehicle designer, a solution that would be the best and most convergent for the vehicle manufacturer
- reliability and legibility of information,
- compliance with quality standards – we validate our software on the basis of international quality standards as well as our own strict standards that we have developed over the years.


Engineers from our R&D Department are willing to share with our clients their knowledge supported by numerous trainings and extensive work experience. They often lead trainings for the constructors, designers, IT specialists, service technicians and end users.



The scope of works offered by R&D Department covers also integration of powertrain systems. We base on components of our partner – TM4 company (Dana), such as: electric motors, inverters, controllers and the management software. Both the devices and software have been created to optimally use the potential of each device separately, as well as the entire system. Thanks to the full range of products adapted to different sizes of commercial vehicle we can meet expectations of even the most demanding customers – by offering them dedicated solutions with the most efficient return on investment (ROI). Since TM4 company (Dana) does not provide the full range of power electronics for vehicles, we choose the missing elements from the offer of known and proven suppliers. Such equipment reaches our offer only after receiving the R&D Department's quality mark.
The key issue here is a software based on Matlab andSimulink environment, used in developments of the largest global manufacturers in the automotive industry. Another addition to these base elements is the Synapps system overlay, that is a TM4 proprietary project. The whole is complemented by a set of program libraries suited to different vehicles and levels of programming knowledge of the manufacturer.

Comprehensive and professional technical integration Research&Development Department


Thanks to our presence on the automotive market for over 36 years as well as specialization in the field of electroelectronic- mechatronic and programming elements, we offer tailor-made solutions, based on an in-depth analysis of the contractor's parameters. We provide the customer with technical and technological assistance as well as evaluation of the project, including fitting the best solution within the given budget, or we advise against taking actions.

The above services would not be possible without a proper technical background. We are able to conduct our own tests, among others, on a vibration simulator or in a climatic chamber, which gives the client a guarantee of a well-made service. Moreover, we have a showroom - starting from electric wire harness, through the interfaces, to print outs of various products from our 3D printer.

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