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BANKE-DRABPOL – joint project!

A few months ago, a Danish manufacturer of garbage trucks, Banke Electromotive company in cooperation with Drabpol started work on it's first electric vehicle.

From the very beginning, our involvement in this project was connected with vehicle electronics, solutions in the field of integration and design of FAPSafety+ (driver's workplace), and vehicle telematics (MiX Telematics) connected with ContiPressureCheck system (tire pressure and temperature monitoring system – CPC). The equipment was complemented by radios, tachographs and ProViu ASL®360 camera system.

In BANKE electric garbage truck, our engineers from Research & Development Departament made an integration of the whole vehicle, in the lowcurrent area, namely integration of KIBES system that is based on CBCU computer (with connected MUX-4Pn multiplexers) and mFAP driver's workplace in configuration with MultiViu ® Professional 12 and 2xMultiViu ® Flex.

We parameterized all components, calibrated the ProViu system and configured the ContiPressureCheck system. In addition, we made a sunroof and cabin heating control on a touch screen included in the mFAP.

Comprehensive implementation and launch of the above mentioned solutions took place at the headquarters of Bogdan Motors company, a manufacturer of vehicles for Banke that is located in Łuck, Ukraine. Application of our systems, in addition to increasing passive safety, raises driver's and operator's comfort of work. We can be particularly proud of the project of integration and design of mFAP driver's workplace including modern graphical elements that were strictly tailored to the needs of our client.

The driver is fully supported by additional solutions available from the touch screen level. In addition, we made the buttons on the panel according to the specification provided by the customer. Among functions supported from the panel level there are: ProViu360 camera control, CPC data analysis with alerts on tire failure and brake linings condition monitoring.

In addition, we personalized the service menu, where the vehicle diagnostics and service menus - error codes- are shown on the real-time 3D model of the vehicle.

The vehicles, signed with Banke, logo have already appeared on the streets of Scandinavian cities. Certainly they are one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly municipal vehicles in Europe.

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