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Three years after the last edition, exhibitors and visitors returned to Kielce for the long-awaited Transexpo fair. The jubilee 15th edition was supposed to take place in October 2020, however these plans were thwarted by pandemic. This year's exhibition was also highly uncertain. We are all the more pleased that, despite the situation, the Transexpo fair took place as planned. The event attracted 112 exhibitors, including our company, and nearly four thousand visitors.

Let us just recall that the 2nd generation of system ProViu 360 is full digital surround view system using megapixel cameras and providing HD image, delivered on the 10. 1” HD Touch- Display. The system provides the driver with a comprehensive real-time view of the vehicle's surro-undings, reducing the risk of accidents, injury to by-standers and risk of property damage. We are pleased to announce that the ProViu system met with approval of the Trade Fair Competition Committee of Targi Kielce and was awarded a distinction in the category: „Bus Parts and Equipment”. This year's trade fair was full of spectacular premieres. One of them was a new solution that enables drivers to make safe turning manoeuvres – the Wüllhorst WUE AAS-4.0 turning assistant.

The new system supports a driver when turning by providing a reliable warning signal  indicating cyclists and pedestrians. The entire blind spot, opposite to the steering wheel side, is visible for a driver on a screen (left-hand and right -hand traffic versions are  available). The system was also designed to comply with the UNECE 151 EU directive, so the detection area has been further extended. This allows safe detection of cyclists when crossing the road. WUE AAS – 4.0 assistant can be easily installed on public transport buses.

Our third premiere was the Power Distribution Unit (PDU), an in-house solution  developed by our Research & Development Department. The unit was designed to control the power supply in electric powertrain systems in buses and trucks. For more information, see page 14. Our offer also included Curtiss – Wright's accelerator pedals and electronic gearboxes.


At our stand, we traditionally presented our comprehensive offer for the public transport  market. There were plenty of novelties. The first of them is a new ProViu 360 2nd  Generation Surround View System intended for all kinds of commercial vehicles.


Traditionally, our presentation during TRANSEXPO would not be complete without our previous Fair medal winners in the "Bus Parts and Equipment” category. These include the mFAP Continental driver's workplace that was presented in the form of a cabin with an intelligent steering wheel, two configurable switch panels and an extensive set of functions, as well as the SUMO MD DANA TM4 powertrain system for electric city buses.

Our offer for this market is much wider. For many years now, city buses have been  successfully equipped with systems for tire pressure and temperature monitoring (CPC), multifunctional fleet management systems, USB charging ports for mobile devices, alcohol interlocks (Alcolock), mobile internet (Internet Box), or Konvekta air conditioning systems. Our visitors could see all above mentioned solutions at our stand.

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