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Authorized tachograph stations, Ukraine

In August, the Ukrainian partner of our Tachograph, Telematics and Vehicle Electronics Department - MetalLand company - organized a conference for its partner service stations from all over Ukraine. Our representatives were also invited to participate in this event. The leading subjects of the conference were connected with digital tachographs rel. 3.0 and 4.0, as well as with VDO WorkshopTab diagnostic tool and its relations with the most comprehensive multi-brand WabcoWurth diagnostics, which is considered to be the widest on the market.

Our representatives have conducted a training for the conference participants in this area.
The participants were representatives of the best tachograph stations, that joined the Drabpol Continental VDO network of authorized service stations in Ukraine, under the aegis of MetalLand. Moreover, the meeting was joined by representatives of the importers of heavy goods vehicles, as well as inspection services agents.

The conference was the first such a big meeting of tachograph stations in Ukraine. We can objectively say that the level of services provided by Ukrainian authorized stations does not differ from the level known from pean Union countries.

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