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Assembly of Konvekta refrigeration units in two models of FORD make

This year, together with our partner - Konvekta company, we made a demo assembly of two refrigeration units in Ford vehicles.

This installation comes from the cooperation with „Frank-Cars”– an authorized, dynamically developing Ford dealer from Częstochowa. It should be mentioned that Frank-Cars has been operating on the Częstochowa market since 1999. The company offers not only sale, rental, commission and service for passenger cars and vans, but also carries out vehicle specialized body work. One of such vehicle body works included installation of refrigeration units, in which Frank-Cars service was actively involved alongside with employees of Drabpol and Konvekta company. Both Ford models have been equipped with under- floor integrated refrigeration units that are invisible from outside.The first installation took place in the Ford Custom vehicle with a 2.0 Ecoblue engine, while the second one —in the Ford Transit with the same engine. Both refrigeration units have been installed with an under-floor condenser, that allows for keeping the factory dimensions of the vehicle.

This is particularly important for customers using underground parking lots or low passageways. In addition, Ford Transit has been equipped with engine-off power supply ( 230V). The assembly of refrigeration units was combined with the training of Frank-Cars staff and lasted for three days. Another (the third one) specialized vehicle bodywork of the Konvekta refrigeration unit in Ford Connect car is planned in Autumn.

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